this is not a good idea

i’m going anorexic for a day @_@ i feel kind of fat. we’ll see how it goes Advertisements


i just read wendy’s blog and it is shockingly shocking how different we totally are :p like oil and water, red and blue, cheese and chalk, stuff stuff stuff 😉 it is so… Continue reading

i am a wizarddd :3

heeeh, wizard101. 😉 my mom is hooked onto this connect 3 thing which gives rewards like gold or mounts. its amazing :] shes gotten 2 already- blue dragon & proud lioness. holy crap.… Continue reading

one year till 2012

it’s a prettiful day outside 🙂


this is old news but: i got the scholarshippp 🙂 but i’m just… i don’t know s: I wasn’t exactly expecting it, instead I was more shocked than happy. Because just about everybody… Continue reading

oh dear lord

i haven’t posted in ages and i don’t really have much of an excuse apart from i’ve got so much goddamn work to do and… i’m a lazy butt. anyway, stuff is mostly… Continue reading


it’s been years (read: months) since I posted, because of school and homework and schooool and stuff. (i am a lazy butt is all.) stuff i gotta do: history coursework english coursework revise… Continue reading


I haven’t really been a very good blogger have I? well whatevs… anyway: RS RESULTS ARE BACK TODAYYY and I got an A*!!! everyfreakingone did andand liana emily and i all got 58… Continue reading


Blogging here from ipod touch ❤ omfg who needs a flipping iPad or iPhone?? Haha this is super coolness!! Lol I sound super hyper but this is fun and the keyboard's a little… Continue reading


I’ve spent a week in America and I still don’t really like it. The accents are super mega AMG, TEAR MY EARS OFF annoying, but oh well. You can’t tell what age a… Continue reading