december 6th

Going to start off by talking about yesterday because it was hella fun. Em had to do a french advert… after like 15 minutes of thinking she had a whole script planned out.… Continue reading


i was just looking back through all of my other posts and i’ve changed a lot. like lots. but in a lot of ways i’m still the same person :s i used to… Continue reading

argh fml

I got a D. In chemistry. what kind of fail is thattttt. T_T c kept saying i’m so disappointed in you etc etc and i just felt she was more disappointed about it… Continue reading


today was supposed to be a massively awesome day: vasconez with her last exam & us watching movies and shopping for liana’s bday prez. didn’t happen :p vasconez didnt know her last exam… Continue reading

oh snap

i have absolutely no idea whatsoever what to get flo! asscakes i’m searching ishopindie… she’s an indie girl? i have no idea :s there is nothing on there. crap there was – oh… Continue reading


i finished biology today! can’t believe emily isn’t doing it next year :s I like biology, but I guess she could say the same for Latin. urgh latin; those days of staying after… Continue reading

random pic

Have no idea what the pic I’m choosing is gonna be but vascobez is gesturing :p idk whyyy hah she’s going to be really mad if she sees this. :p


God, the exams are making me tired. Or maybe its the pill which I’ve googled today and could give me nightmares. Some people are talking about hair thinning, really bad breakouts and WEIGHT… Continue reading


ict exam in 2 & a half weeks. we are all fucked to the extremes except for ayesha because she is hella smart.


goddamn fuckcakes. i cut myself on the arm accidentally. also: i think my bathroom is haunted. :p goddamnnnnn. anywho i’m watching criminal mindsss ❤ ❤ YES. cm > the mentalist. no idea why… Continue reading