something wild and exciting

It’s a weird thing to confess, wanting to fall in love. Not with any particular person in general, someone nameless, faceless, but interesting; intriguing in a way that has you leaning closer and… Continue reading

Talking to people

Lately I’ve been talking to a good number of people on whatsapp, and today has been the only day in the last few weeks that I woke up without several pages of texts.… Continue reading

Growing up

I think one of the biggest parts of growing up is realising that ‘adults are always right’ should most likely be replaced with ‘adults pretend they are always right’– and that’s a scary… Continue reading

No more schooooool :D 12th December 2008

Well, at least for three weeks. They could have been less stingy with the holidays… I MEAN, WHY CAN’T WE JUST GET OFF BEFORE DECEMBER??? Will eleven days less kill them? I think… Continue reading

Medicine Personal Statement saga

As far as reading personal statements go, my school genuinely takes the cake and stomps entirely on it. Never before have I witnessed so much hurt pride, bad judgement (and equally odd advice)… Continue reading

fuckin weird

I’ve had the weirdest dreams lately: The first was that I moved to a boarding school with some people in my year that I don’t really know :p Then Abby came to visit… Continue reading

Been a while

I just listened to a really inspiring guy on youtube and a lot of the things he said made sense, so I just wanted to write down everything I feel before I forget.… Continue reading

Why am I not doing my english essay?

Because I suck, that’s why. Anyway! After looking at my punctuation fail of a blog post below and finding it incredibly annoying, I’ll adhere to the rules of grammar and not type like… Continue reading


It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve posted (i think?) so onwards with the post! I’m actually meant to be doing my homework now but whateverrrr. Avtually no, not whatever. D: My grades haven’t… Continue reading

well here’s to sum bitchin’

argh r annoys me. lots. i was about to type i don’t even know why, because i do. no sense lying to myself ey? it’s just that recently she’s been more talkative. that… Continue reading