other prettier girls

Isn’t it the most pathetic thing in the world, waiting for a boy to say something inane to you, it might mean the world. In the cold light of day, fret and worry… Continue reading

Reject beauty on the fear of pain

I’ve been listening to slow songs recently, though I once said I would never love any song that was even half as quiet or as thoughtful. I was, as I very often am,… Continue reading

Pluck the world of daisies

What are you thinking about? he asked, what a loaded question when we hold whole worlds inside our heads a thousand suns rise and set all at once where each bright day is… Continue reading

Pinked with pleasure

In a flash of inspiration you Apologised, for something I had thought the fault of mine. My past fear assuaged, cheeks pinked with pleasure I could not help but to smile, A thousand… Continue reading

Halfway to oblivion

This is a terrible thing to admit, but I think I’m starting to like this boy I’ve been speaking to. It’s stupid of me especially when I think he sees me as a… Continue reading

Scarlet cup of sin

Lie down with me, dark lover in the solitude of falling dusk wind your long arms around my body be the velvet night and shield my eyes From the morning’s first light I… Continue reading

Ragged Rainbow of Delight

When you have loved and lost with every breath in your body, forgotten all happiness and how it ever tasted sweet on your tongue, dispensed with smiles and turned your back on roses… Continue reading

The Tactile Heart

Your lover has turned to stone, at his Midas touch your heart has burst into a thousand swallows in the sky, fleeing the winter that is your body. Your hand rests in his,… Continue reading

The Waters Wanting

And should you plunge and find the waters wanting, the saltwater waves bursting your happiness, hope dashed to the rocks, then burst free and hold your burning pride warm to your heart. If… Continue reading

A Man of Infinite Possibility

There is something appealing about nurturing affection for an almost stranger; not even an acquaintance and certainly, definitely not a friend. He is nothing, he is everything, he is the man of infinite… Continue reading