December the 17th, Wednesday.

Oh yah, thanks for commenting ZM. ❤ Fun link of the day: How to tell if your cat is gonna kill you. Yay?? Cats. Awsm pictoorz. Oh yeah, I captioned this.… Continue reading

[school]December 10th

Morning: Double geography It was OK I guess- she didn’t yell at me and/or give me detention. Instead we had a quiz. -.-” We teamed up with Lucy Reid && Rebekk Pearce, who… Continue reading

[home]December 09 Tuesday

Abby looks like dory. Link of the day: Time: 7:53pm. SCHOOL. The first 3 periods were spent on… dun dun dun dun… Our targets & goals for next year. While we were waiting,… Continue reading

[home] December 08.

Link for now: Immortal. *__* God, it must get boring. Alt link for now: AHH THE CUTENESS. I CAN’T TAKE IT NO MORE 😀 *Squishsquish* So, in drama, we did our little thing… Continue reading

[school] 28th Monday, Library.

Link of the day: <- I’m really bad at that game- it’s kinda strange. I just accept that I’m not talented at flash games. *bows head in mock shame* Mondayyyy. Double Maths- we… Continue reading

December 04. School

Sooo. Today rained. And rained. And rained. But now there’s blooh skies. So all’s good. :] Anyway, I got a house point in the morning for putting down the chair. That is kind of… Continue reading

Sunday, December 27th.

Link of the day:  <– That’s my fanfiction for twilight. Read&& Review! Well, this guy came at 8 am to install Sky tv. Which means I woke up at that time. DAMMIT… Continue reading

03 December- time=14:14!! :D *Makes wish* Wednesday

A slightly morbid link of the day: So today’s Wednesday. Hurrah. -.- Double geography- LIEK O__O Miss Bertenshaw came and started yelling at us straight away. She was like ‘STOP TALKING’ ‘SIT… Continue reading

2nd december, 2008, at home.

Dear diary, today was a very bad, BAD, BAAD day. Very, very bad. Like any cliched story, it was fine an hour ago. Until Alex almost fell off the damn chair.  She grabbed onto… Continue reading

Postin’ from school, foo’. December 2, Tuesdayyyy.

Link for the school day: CATS ARE SOO CUTEEE. ❤ Anyway, tuesday mornings are bad. Tuesdays will forever be a rock in my heart. Ya know why? ‘CAUSE WE HAVE DOUBLE SPANISH… Continue reading