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my world shifted a little/slightly off-axis

as seasons fade into each other, so too do my experiences. people flow in and out of my life. relentlessly. in the ocean of my life, why do i mourn each droplet that… Continue reading

Goodness it has been a long while

I felt that it was a huge shame that I didn’t keep up with this blog. When I feel emotional I just word vomit into a notes file that I would be ashamed… Continue reading

It’s funny

I haven’t written in this for over three years, but I felt the urge to write something down. I used to be really silly back then, so it’ll be funny to read my… Continue reading

A lingering affection

While adoring the shadowed image of you was a delight, there is even more excitement in steeling my heart against your gentle protestations. Wicked anticipation dwells deep within the flickering embers of what… Continue reading

Give it up

And so today I give it up, all my passion (what little there is of it) and my obsession (immeasurable in its depths). It’s not sudden, not to me, it is a frayed… Continue reading

False imagination

I want you to chase me across mountains! Over land and sea we will run the sun shining bright on our laughter And our hearts as warm as the sand between our toes.… Continue reading

Now we are friends

I have found myself a most Dispassionate person of late Until I met you and your self-delusions.   In a way you are enchanting, demanding my attention, you don’t know how exhausting you… Continue reading

Pale echo of reality

Last night I dreamt A most delicious dream Again of you and I.   It was deadly bittersweet, belladonna on my tongue even as I slumbered, I knew it as untruth And I dissolved… Continue reading

Delicious are your words

Why do I find myself Grasping at straws for Your sweet attention? Still my heart is warm And squirms under your notice; cold glaciers in the freezing Arctic. Beauty and charm cannot enchant… Continue reading

A tender manipulation

It’s not even that I love him, But I miss the feeling of Being in a swooning love. In a tender manipulation, Our hearts are choking the life Out of our smiles, our… Continue reading