A lingering affection


While adoring the shadowed image of you was a delight, there is even more excitement in steeling my heart against your gentle protestations. Wicked anticipation dwells deep within the flickering embers of what was once my passion- you should have seen the fire you lit within me!

Cruel is my heart and crueler still will be my words, while you dally with other girls, sweetly in that casual summer fashion even as snow cools on our porches. Yet even in my cruelty, I must be kind because how may I forget?

Forget our first words to each other, the unsure light in your eyes, your tenderness blazing against the bleak and shadowed skies– it is impossible.

Impossible is my attention; hard to keep and fleeing even as it is captured. You left me and I left you, seeking pleasures far sweeter than you.

I have become ruthless; my heart cut out its image of you before ‘goodbye (for a lifetime)’ was even said. And now when someone mentions your name, I feel nothing but a lingering affection.