Now we are friends


I have found myself a most

Dispassionate person of late

Until I met you and your self-delusions.


In a way you are enchanting,

demanding my attention, you

don’t know how exhausting you are.


Full of praise, you are,

a most charming trait,

even if it is only for yourself.


Rude, vain, violent,

If you knew the depths of my dislike

You would slap me across the face.


Yet even in dislike I must say

At times I enjoy the distraction

That is your chattering and whining 

In my ear, like the buzzing of a damselfly in full summer.


I think I’ve missed this fullness of expression,

Every small thing depresses you at one moment,

Fills you with happiness to the core in the next,

Feelings tumble over each other

Like waves pouring over the rocks.


Closely appreciate these flaws

in character, in being, in reason,

Now we are friends

And I am no longer dispassionate.