other prettier girls


Isn’t it the most pathetic thing in the world,
waiting for a boy to say something inane
to you, it might mean the world.

In the cold light of day, fret
and worry over the significance of his empty words
the numbers of ‘x’ that come after every goodbye.

Did I not fill my days with happiness
so that I might avoid this very thing?
While you fill your hours
with other, prettier, girls.

This is why I don’t like chasing after new things, even if that way lies new heights of excitement, because of this damned uncertainty which spoils and rots me. I shouldn’t let myself become like this, waiting for something that might not ever happen. I can’t read minds (and thank god for that!) so I’ll assume he’s interested as he’s never mentioned otherwise. And until he does, I shall take things as they come. Obviously I need to make my life fuller, if I have time to wonder about these things! Off to do some work.