Ragged Rainbow of Delight


When you have loved and lost with every breath in your body, forgotten all happiness and how it ever tasted sweet on your tongue, dispensed with smiles and turned your back on roses and young love, bitter and gnarled as the black roots of yew-trees.

Shuttered, your heart dwells in quiet obsession to become flickers of granite, a desert of maelstroms and tumultuous desire, fire and lightning to scorch affection, infatuation.

Scorned, you have starved your cynical heart of joy, bled your memory of the ragged rainbow of delight and happiness which lasts forever. Dimly through veils of melancholy which kisses your lips as sweetly as hemlock, never will you see the sun.

To those who have forsworn your heart of all affection, all kindness, swoon in misery forever.