something wild and exciting


It’s a weird thing to confess, wanting to fall in love. Not with any particular person in general, someone nameless, faceless, but interesting; intriguing in a way that has you leaning closer and closer until you end up hand in hand in coffee shops, or all-day breakfast diners, talking and smiling in a way that has your heart fluttering.

And you might be laughing one day in a large group of friends spilling out across sofas, rugs, the plush seats of some restaurant, at some inane joke that you won’t remember five minutes after it was told, and he might not be laughing but he might be looking at you, and there’s a softness in his eyes that might be caught on camera for you to sigh over later, with fingers hiding your smiling lips in some act of modesty.

A person in love has a mysterious quality about them, something indefinably happy about their manner that is difficult to conceal, they have a halo of beauty that illuminates everything it touches. Something beautiful has taken root in their heart of hearts, and a plain girl is rendered lovely and rosy-cheeked by the faintest touch of romance. It is a compliment to your soul to be loved, as it means someone has seen you and wanted you from the start to be the first in their affections, struggled to be the first in yours and has found success beyond their wildest dreams.

I want to fall in love.