Talking to people

Lately I’ve been talking to a good number of people on whatsapp, and today has been the only day in the last few weeks that I woke up without several pages of texts. Since my time isn’t occupied with replying to those texts, I’m going to write an unnecessarily long blog about it!

December is a good month to get bored in, if your family isn’t a Christmas whore and decorating every inch of the house, ready for visitors and hanging stockings above the fireplace. Lots of other kids get off school at the same time and it’s great to hang out with friends you haven’t seen for ages once again. The first half of the month was excellent for this but the latter half was lacking in excitement, as everyone was too busy getting fat with turkey and chocolate. I hate turkey so I had steak instead. 😉

I didn’t exactly feel like bothering my best friends; they’re too nice for me to be mean to and they’re too clever that they’d jibe right back. Those are the reasons why I love them anyway, but I wanted something new to disrupt this stagnant layer of lethargy that is the pre-Christmas December. So I sort of trolled this guy on Twitter.

This guy who I’ll call I, was actually kind of funny. His twitter was full of depressing messages and nostalgic statements aimed at seemingly nobody. Normally I don’t bother with people who do that sort of thing, but this was a guy I’d known since I was six and he had always been a chipper sort of fellow. If he was genuinely upset, and going by how many tweets he had, for quite a long while, it was only human compassion to ask him if everything was alright. Turns out he was okay, just a bit hung up on this girl he used to date, which was a relief. I vaguely remember him being teased about this nameless girl last summer, and it was sad to hear that it didn’t turn out well.

He was good at small talk, seemed interesting and didn’t seem to be a raging homicidal pervert so I let him add me on whatsapp. The conversation went well for the longest time, and this is where it becomes interesting. Every time I felt that we had exhausted a talking point, I felt the most manic urge to say something absolutely horrible and shake him to his roots. It was inexplicably strong, but at the heart of this desire, what I wanted was to see how he would respond- would he struggle to keep our newly-formed tentative friendship going? How would he adapt to this sudden shift on our previously comfortable terrain of conversation? He was interesting and I was sure that his reply would be equally enlightening. I managed to restrain myself however, merely changing the subject to yet another relatively mundane yet fundamentally safe topic that was enough to pique his interest, and nothing more than that.

The good thing about talking to a near-stranger was that it is easier to have a pretty deep conversation where you are almost perfectly honest.He had a good number of viewpoints- he believed in love and having a fulfilling relationship even at our ridiculous age of seventeen, and in not being the ‘second option’ or as others would put it, the ‘plan b’.

I didn’t really know how to respond in the face of such endearing optimism, so I said nothing of value in return. What I actually thought was that this sort of thing happened only in movies. And since he wasn’t Brad Pitt, I really don’t think that would happen. I showed my friend a picture of him, and she said: ‘My god that guy with the glasses is going to be a 40 year old virgin.’ Cynical, yes. Absolutely superficial of us, certainly. And this is why you don’t find true love at seventeen.

Everyone seems to have woken up because I’ve spent the past hour just texting. Damn it!

Since it is new year’s eve today, I’ll list a few resolutions for future-me to complete in 2013:

1. Create more than I consume
2. Be excruciatingly polite at all times, more so than in 2012 at least
3. Lie- I’ve recently discovered how easy it is to do, and that how my attempts to be honest have only alienated rather than endear myself to people.
4. Work hard, and take pleasure in it
5. Smile more and with sincerity, since I won’t look as good doing it when I am old.
6. Don’t go to parties and bloody embarrass yourself like the last time. God, thinking about it makes me wince so much.
7. Make notes as you go along. I need to do that.
8. Be nice to the best friends