Medicine Personal Statement saga

As far as reading personal statements go, my school genuinely takes the cake and stomps entirely on it. Never before have I witnessed so much hurt pride, bad judgement (and equally odd advice) and awful generalisations from my teachers, whom I respect greatly. It’s genuinely difficult to take my form teacher seriously when he accuses me verbally of “liking a holiday” when I’m reflecting on the difficult yet rewarding role of a doctor on my medicine PS. Even thinking about his dismissive tone and scornful words hours after distresses me.

I don’t think I should take DLB’s type of criticism into account, as it is a personal attack on my character rather than a suitably informed and professional review of my statement, which is what I’m looking for. Unfortunately I have been similarly accused of thinking that medicine is about ‘chatting to people’, so I should certainly rephrase my wording to demonstrate that I’m not wearing any rose-tinted glasses. Still, what a joke of his own criticism he makes when he asked me whether the gentleman at Nottingham was a real admissions tutor! I imagine that the university wouldn’t let an imposter walk up and give a lecture with two medical students six times.

I just read through his comment and I’m sort of mad:

The advice you quote in your email is very bad advice! I do not know where you got it from nor the context. But you must explain to (and persuade) an Admissions Tutor that you are genuinely interested in what you have been studying in the sixth-form. Otherwise, you imply you enjoy being on holiday and on work experience (which is not surprising!) and are not really interested in 6 more years of academic study.

I copied and pasted the information from the various websites of universities. In addition to this, the total criticism for my PS amounts to: 3 randomly placed question marks, 3 ‘When?’s, and 2 squiggly underlines. I cannot express how vastly impressed I am, as 2/3 of the critique amounts to an attack on TSR and my own character.

Went to Mrs A’s office to get my UCAS details, since I’ve forgotten entirely about it. Ended up getting an impromptu talk about ‘being in a tizzy’ over what to include in my PS. Obviously the teachers have been discussing this situation in the staff room, but that’s quite normal. She mentioned example personal statements that she gave me, and I was thoroughly mystified- I don’t remember anything like that. I later found out that she had told Emily the same thing and she hadn’t received any examples either, so there is no need to worry. According to a listener, Mrs A was ‘quite mean about it’ but to be honest, I didn’t really notice anything odd about her manner. Maybe it’s different for someone she’s taught, but I hardly ever talk to her.

Walked into maths with my brain empty and walked out no more enlightened. I need a maths tutor urgently! I’m rubbish at trigonometry.

Maybe next year I’ll bitterly regret not listening to the advice of my teachers after getting 4 rejections, and I’ll look back upon this blog post with twisted shame. It’s not all doom and gloom however; I think DLB and Mrs A are really nice teachers since they’re showing an actual interest in my application. I’ve heard from Toni that Ms E has not yet had the opportunity to provide feedback for her form. I think I’d be very frustrated if I had to wait so long.

I have so much work to catch up on:

Biology Test on Photosynthesis + Respiration on Friday

Maths: Trigonometry

Chemistry: Rate equations

English: King Lear Notes

Serves me right for having a terrible immune system!

Now that I’ve written all about my PS fiasco, I feel much better. Writing is pretty therapeutic; most of my anger and distress have since dissolved. When Mrs A mentioned receiving conflicting advice last term, I didn’t think that it would be so severe. Anyway, I’ll do what I think is right and take their advice with a pinch of salt. Later on in life, I hope that I won’t be swayed from my goals due to the criticism of others; I think I am capable of being stronger than that.

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