Why am I not doing my english essay?

Because I suck, that’s why.


After looking at my punctuation fail of a blog post below and finding it incredibly annoying, I’ll adhere to the rules of grammar and not type like an idiot.Hopefully future-me appreciates this; it’s a pain.

As usual, I’m meant to be doing something else; a Keats essay in fact that was due in on FRIDAY. FUCK. ME. Not really. Honestly though, I’m not sure what I’m doing…

School is so boring that I can’t help but to do other unproductive shit. A lot of people in my year are now working really hard, which makes me want to strive to be better than them, yet there is this apathy present that urges me to do whatever the hell I want. And what I want is probably not to do my homework.

I’ll do the general update to speed things along:

Life: Life is alright. I’m an upper-middle class kid; I have absolutely nothing to complain of about my station in life. This thought is especially strong after watching the kony2012 video which had me in tears halfway through. 😥 He had better be brought to justice, though I still have no idea how they’re actually going to do this.

Oh yeah, just remembered something that makes me rage: after googling kony2012 to find out more about it, I found more than a few articles expressing distaste about the whole campaign. The naysayers commented on what good the video would do and other less than complementary things. What a drag these people are! At least people are trying to spread awareness of the issue and trying to convince the government that indeed, saving children from being kidnapped and abused is in fact rather important. I remember reading an article documenting the Nirvana fallacy and I’m not going to lie- I’m googling this right now. Right, Wikipedia the source of information both accurate and utterly infallible says this: “The nirvana fallacy is the logical error of comparing actual things with unrealistic, idealized alternatives. It can also refer to the tendency to assume that there is a perfect solution to a particular problem.” Of course capturing Kony and bringing him to justice will not bring world peace. No one claimed it would.. At least the campaign trying to stop that man’s zealous violence and bring peace to parts of Uganda, which is more than the people bemoaning the campaign’s faults can say they’re doing.

Well, done with that WALL OF TEXT.

Yeah, life is alright.


Haha, someone’s ball just bounced into my garden. I just threw it back and it landed on something… Hope it was nothing breakable. Returning back to school:
Yeah, I’m screwed.
Chemistry is actually coming along better now. I’m confident that I’ll be able to do well on the test on tuesday.
English: Well, you know about my goddamn english and my late essays. No need to expand on that matter. Maths: it’s OK.
Biology: Yeah, fine.
Chinese: This is where the problem starts: the ‘headmistress’ of my chinese school is undeniably racist and not afraid to reveal this less than desirable character trait. I don’t know what to say to do this. Oh wait, I do know what to say to this: I strongly dislike this woman and hope that she will reconsider her views in the future. She has a horrible, gossipy personality and delights in stirring up unneeded drama in a simple chinese class of about 25.

Speaking of which, I skipped chinese school this weekend and did nothing for the whole of Saturday. HURRAH.

Why are all of my friends getting sick?! L was sick for a while but now she is better and E just came in on Friday wearing a heart monitor because of her fainting spells. Speaking of which, M is a liar and the words coming out of her mouth cannot be trusted, especially after what she’s done. What has she done? Well she only lied and said E’s condition was due to her extremely low blood sugar due to the ‘fact’ that she does not ear properly and works too hard. A horrible thing to say, especially when E has a pack of Hobnob’s in our locker that I adore. Those biscuits are only the most AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER EATEN. E does not have a diet problem at all, so understandably she was upset when she was told by M that S’s mother read her med records and found out that LIE. First of all, had she done so, she would have been fired. Leading on to the second point: why on earth would she lie about something that could potentially damage the reputation of a trustworthy person, a mother to her friend?! Since E is too adorably nice, she’s worried that M will be angry with her because E has been informing us of the truth instead of spreading M’s lies. E was not impressed when her own mother texted her during lunch, advising her to have more sugar.

E went to her cardiologist. The blood tests showed that her blood sugar level was perfectly fine.

Well goddamn.

Onto not drama-y things: my friends are great.


BTW I’ve accidentally stumbled across a few forums while googling random stuff. I discovered that the things I used to type was eerily similar to how some people of my age type right now. And I can instantly tell that this is LAME. It is beyong the levels of stupid and weird on the CRINGE-O-METER. It’s LAME. Random thought: oddly enough, it’s difficult to have an appropiate comback for the word ‘lame’. I just feel oddly deflated and have this urge to move my legs to show that they are in perfect working condition. Back on track: All of this ‘RANDOM’ stuff and ‘WINKWINK’ and other assorted disgusting phrases sound really stupid. Why the hell did I type like that when I was 12?

I think this is called maturity, where you have the ability to look back in your past and think to yourself- yeah, I did some really stupid shit back then, why did I do that?!