It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve posted (i think?) so onwards with the post!

I’m actually meant to be doing my homework now but whateverrrr. Avtually no, not whatever. D: My grades haven’t been as good as I want them to be… I revised my butt off for bio and chem but only ended up with like 70+% for each. piece of craaaaap. ): how hard do they want me to goddamn work?! most of it is just ATQ to be honest; i’ve learnt the material well enough, it’s just that i’ve gotta apply them to the question. 😥

sooo i’ve started volunteering every wednesday at the old people’s home in sevenoaks. my first time there was a bloody disaster- it was all of five minutes, if even that. The guy who was meant to arrange shit didn’t arrange shit. they were so surprised when we turned up, it was like wtffff why you turn up. so we arranged it for next wed.

what a fail. >:(((

so friendship wise:

i have friends. they’re nice. i’m getting sort of bored, but so is everyone else. after being together for the 6th year this year, anything that we can say has probably been said. buuut i’m trying to be nicer to L because i know it’ll make her happy. and if i can make someone happy through my own power, well- why shouldn’t i?

basically this saturday i was meant to go to the movies with A,H and G, but i didn’t. Basically, H is half in love with G as is A, and I would’ve just felt left-out and sad if i went. so i didn’t and started making excuses, which is probably really bitchy of me :p but my gut told me that A and H would have preferred to hang all over G and i would’ve felt totally :(, so yeaaah. good call or bad call? i have no idea.

i was meant to go to chinese school yesterday, too. ;p

well i have tons of work to do, so until next time 😀