well here’s to sum bitchin’

argh r annoys me.


i was about to type i don’t even know why, because i do. no sense lying to myself ey?

it’s just that recently she’s been more talkative. that would normally be a good thing, a shy kid starting to emerge and all but to be honest, i am not really enjoying what has come out of the shell, because i am a legitimately horrible person.


oh yes, i haven’t mentioned grace yet in this blog. she’s new, well not really new anymore, since she’s been here a few months. she’s funny. i like her. i didn’t at first but i do now. she lives down the road from fabby.

on saturday me and fabby baked a cake 😀 it was delicious. we were meant to use 3 eggs but fab only had 1 so… we winged it. we begged grace for eggs but she didn’t have any, fabs didn’t want to ask philippa for eggs because she might want to come over & fabs thinks she’s odd, and liana lived too far away, plus it was getting dark & so cold so we couldn’t buy any :s fabby’s mum drove me to the station and… i got into this compartment with like 8 teenage boys -_- at night. not the best sitch to be in, so i like legged it for the next compartment.

haha a potentially unpleasant sitch averted.

anyway so there was like this MASSIVE drama with grace & rach… basically when grace first arrived rachael thought that g would be her new bestie… obvs not. on the coach to the rome trip r was literally sitting there with a book out, totally blanking g -_- and g was looking so effing bored :s i was sitting behind them on coach w/ emily mucho fun times. and later on after rome r was like i didn’t do anything and g just ignored me after the coach trip… well :s

i’m tired, i’m going to cut this short.