december 6th

Going to start off by talking about yesterday because it was hella fun.

Em had to do a french advert… after like 15 minutes of thinking she had a whole script planned out. she’s a bloody genius o_o… anyway during yesterday lunch we did the advert and it was fantastic. it was sooooo fun XD it look like 9 takes but we got it amazingly in the end 😉 the bloopers were hilarious… e was obsessed with the one where i swore -_- liana fell over over she said her line it was absolutely hilarious.

fun timeesssss. one of the funnest things i’ve done all year.

anyway: today

fuck all happened today. ooh yeah except that we got our english test back and i got a 17. thank effing god- i would have cried if it was something terrible like a 10. to tell the truth, i was pretty sure that i wouldn’t do very well… my structure was absolute shit. let’s not dwell on that any longer.

i’m meant to be doing some biology notes but i don’t feel like it hahahaha :s fuck i’m lazy; i have to do stuff.

well thassit for these 2 days: oh yeah, i LOVE my advent calender. it’s the only thing i look forward to in the morning, especially when tomorrow is going to start off with double biology… fml. T_T

i’m obsessed with The Downtown Fiction, especially Freak. that song is fantastic. ❤