i was just looking back through all of my other posts and i’ve changed a lot. like lots. but in a lot of ways i’m still the same person :s i used to do loads of really really detailed posts so… might as well give it a quick go again.

today was the first day back after half term, fml. rome trip was fantastic but it ATE UP ALL MY HALF TERM. i regret not doing my work when i first came back… T_T Now there’s so much to do!

first 2 periods: english. ffff i forgot to do the english reading log thing: craaap. so i have to hand it in tomorrow. we have to write a comparative essay. note to self: stop talking in class. it’s pointlessss. talk less listen more.

next 2 periods: biology. got the isa back, 70% fml. apparently it’s good but DISBELIEF YEAH.

maths: we wrote loads of complicated notes but when it came down to doing the actual exercises, it was easy as heck. (TOUCH WOOD NO JINX.) sooo it was ok. me and abby had  a laugh. D does this thing of explaining something then coming round to our table and asking if we get it. :p haha i give a bad impression. >__<;; eek.

oh chemistry. TT^TT;;

got our tests back. not great… 55% D. i was expecting it. like REALLY expecting it, so i didn’t feel really bad. on the badness scale, about a 4. C just made it pretty bad though :/ she kept coming over and saying how disappointing it was and unsatisfactory and i had to sit there and just take it. i KNOW it’s really bad- i don’t require someone else to keep telling me that. so that just made me sadder than i originally was. 😥

… tomorrow the yr6s are coming to do their testing. i volunteered but it’s going to be awkward asking c what i have to do… she’s my form teach. eek.

well, that ends my super cold and sad monday… fml. -_-

on saturday i went to the hairdressers (finally) and they curled my hair. cool eh. :]