today was supposed to be a massively awesome day: vasconez with her last exam & us watching movies and shopping for liana’s bday prez.

didn’t happen :p

vasconez didnt know her last exam was in the afternoon, not at 9 :p fuck my luck

so i watched pirates with the caribbean with my mom instead. coz y’know we got the tickets and everything :p JOHNNY DEPP IS SO AMAZING ❤ ❤ ❤ and cute. and amazing. god damn why doesn’t jack sparrow exist outside of movies :[ he is so flipping cool.

ahh and we didnt buy stuff. makes me sad- i may be a shopaholic.

Scratch that- I am in love with buying shit that I don’t need.

Watching embarassing bodies: lol emotional eating. when I was younger and a bit dumber, I couldnt understand why people ate a lot when they were upset. i usually cry and wallow in some self-pity and it works

oh wait i did buy stuff- wait my mom bought stuff. maxfactor had a 3 for 2 deal 😀 soooo she bought her lipstick thing and bought pressed powder pour moi and loose powder for herself since she said she was tired of borrowing mine everytime :L

and hair stuff: john frieda volumnising shampoo since i think my hair is flatter than my chest :s and that is saying something.

well imma shop with vasconez on thursday!

argh now that exams are fucking over I THOUGHT THAT IT’D BE FUN.  (it’s not) i’m actually pretty bored right now which is why i thought of the blawg. UGH. I’m an idiotttt.

I’ve been playing wiz101 quite a lot but now that i’m legendary i am really bored and unmotivated. cbf to do anything.