i finished biology today!

can’t believe emily isn’t doing it next year :s I like biology, but I guess she could say the same for Latin. urgh latin; those days of staying after school was really bad.

so, i think the biology went well, but I don’t want to jinx it. :p i found it alright, maybe even good :] but the other people thought it was bad :s i’m pretty sure i did worse in b2 and b3 than in this one, but whatevs. each to their own 😉

i felt really tired and had a massive headache after that exam, even though it was only 45 minutes and went relatively well :s not good. i pretty much just slept the day away after that, amd i’m wide awake now.

well, that’s one more off the list. THREEE MOREEE! I can’t really believe that i’ve done so many flipping exams. i’ve done… (19-3)=15 exams. plus the 2 ICT practicals and the chinese oral. akjdlas that is loads. i remember when i first had to do that history exam 😉 oh bad times.

welllll i think i’m tired again, so goodnight.