goddamn fuckcakes. i cut myself on the arm accidentally. also: i think my bathroom is haunted. :p goddamnnnnn. anywho i’m watching criminal mindsss ❤ ❤ YES. cm > the mentalist. no idea why liana likes the mentalist but i gotta watch it before tomorrow or she’ll be very upset. s:

oh yeah, young consumer. WE DID GOOD. we didnt revise much and we didnt come last: 5th out of 6. hehe. liana emily and abby were really disappointed though :[ it was really disheartnening when they got grumpy about it but whateverrrr 😉 also: i got balloons. YES BALLOONS. :333 BEST. THING. EVER. oh yeah, an argos card for £10. who the hell even shops at argos anymore?? ¬_¬

omg he cut off her lips. criminal minds hehe. holy shit. k ending post and doing history homework.