i just read wendy’s blog and it is shockingly shocking how different we totally are :p like oil and water, red and blue, cheese and chalk, stuff stuff stuff 😉 it is so WEIRDDD how mature she sounds @_@ what the hell do they put in the water in singapore to make everyone so cookie-cutter v_v peer pressure? I BET ITS GENETIC MODS <- the only explanation that makes any sense at all. wink. 😉

anywayyyyy i am not looking forward to singapore. its the most boring thing ever. and… yeah. its boring :¬[

i am loving this new laptop. who’s a sexy machine? you’re a sexy machine. ❤

the only thing me and wendy have in common are that we’re both midgets. and chinese. chinese midgets. god i am racist to my own race Dx she’s definitely taking up all the leadership roles as ever 😉 i’m definitely the pothead to her student councilness. i like it that way ;] its so cornyyyyyy ~_~ but i do love wendy.

hey look, a pretty picture of my garden 😉

haaah garden.