I’ve spent a week in America and I still don’t really like it. The accents are super mega AMG, TEAR MY EARS OFF annoying, but oh well. You can’t tell what age a person is from their voices off anymore- the perky all-american voice you hear might come from a 60 year old lady. That was so creepy. Don’t come to America if you have image issues btw, everyone is so pretty o__o!! Sure there are a few exceptions but they are all super hot. (;

I went shopping yesterday with my mommmm (: well there is no way I can go shopping by myself because I don’t have a credit card like liana p does (super lucky! 😀 coz her parents trust her with one) and all the clothes and stuff cost like $200-$300. We walked for seven hours. Haha, fun though my feet hurt like heck. And the bags were super heavy.

I’m kind of scared that this summer style will go out quickly though. Oh well. (: Also I saw the jeggings that I was wearing on sale for about twice the price I bought it for. o__o?? what.

anyway, i hope grandma gets better soon (: