on another note:

Abby quit latin and we’re all joining Liana’s dance class. XD
Me? Dancing?

Meh, I’ll give it a go. ❤

Also: Bought easter eggs today!
Emily: Kit-kat thing
Charlotte & Laura & Flo: Golden egg
Abby: Simpsons egg and 4 tic-tacs (mint)
Liana: This awesome Koko Cadbury thing. Pretty bag. 😉
Emma: White chocolate milky bar thing
Rachael: Green &Black dark chocolate
Helena: Creme egg
Philippa: Turd LOL TWIRL <33

I got Abby the Simpsons thing because she calls me a simpson (’cause I’m yellow, lol <3) plus tic-tacs ’cause she loves those happy pills. Liana was the hardest, hardest choice, ’cause she doesn’t like to eat sweets normally and my mom was arguing with me about quantity/quality.

That chocolate bag thing is so adorable, though.

Choosing chocolate eggs = flipping hard.