hurr hurr hurr.

Haven’t posted much.
gotsta post moar, mkay?

First things first:

I HATE YOU, 2010.

End first things first. 😉

Secondly, I’d wish to announce that I managed to scrape an A* for my R.S Mocks.
Yaaaay. <:

Thirdly, we got into a bad car accident. The car may not be salvageable; damn, didn’t even last 3 years in our care. And my mom broke her left arm (not right, *_* <3) and so she can’t do lots of stuff like driiive. So Uncle Tong is driving me now. alternative was taking the train. v_v;

I am forever grateful.

Fourthly: I am quitting latin.
Woah, hold up, what happened to sticking it out and getting an A* or whatever?

Just no, dude.

I don’t like latin. I don’t like latin a whole lot. It might suprise you immensely, but I find latin quite unenjoyable.

Sue me, latin lovers. 3;<

I think I might cry die be unable to enjoy life forever not get an A* for GCSE Latin, so I decided not to take it. Besides, would YOU spend like, 2 hours after school every tuesday doing latin? Would you pay around 400 pounds a term (3 months) for it? Would you memorise the meanings of 30+ words every week? Would YOUUUUU manage, if you can do all of the above, to do all of the latin work and not slack on the rest of your plus que important work?

Yeah, if you can manage that, your name is Charlotte or Emily or Emma Pearce and I take my hat off to thee.

Oh yes, we started Romeo and Juliet today. We got an epic phrase from the 2 scenes; I read Capulet (ihatereading) and and anduh there was this single most epic phrase:

Why you saucy boy!!!



 I don’t think I did that well on the chem test today: it was super hard. Like, super.

And the House Musicals are starting up again: Missing 1 period of bio tomorrow! 😀 I’m always tired towards the end of bio; once I accidentally fell asleep during a video. I managed to dream about it too. It was about genetically modified blue roses or something.

Honestly; why blue roses? I’m pretty sure someone out there would appreciate some orange daisies. Or like, silver cherry blossoms.


So. much. homework. >: