well, crap.

I’m kinda screwed here. 😉
Mmk, going back to last Thursday.
More specifically, last thursday’s mess-up: Family planning.
… I think the class is more for married couples than 14 year olds, but I digress.

Anyway, back to so-called “family planning”… in which we did not plan on having families, the school nurse aka “sister” (fuck, she is definitely not my sister. I don’t want one.) decided to go and RAAAGE. She was all ‘move plz’ and I was like ‘no thx, i’m good where I am.’
‘Cause I was revising my physics (end of chapter test. whoo. such a cause for epic celebration and merrymaking.) with my friends and I did not want to move into a potentially hostile environment (i.e: where I would get mauled, laughed at, whispered about, taunted, or anything from the listed that is actually possible but we will never freaking know. so hah.) where I could not revise my physics. Great loss to society and all, not knowing how to properly stuff in turning moments. sad thing indeed. );

So anyway, after I declined in the politest manner of way possible, her eyes widened as if I could possibly refuse her slightly (call me biased, I don’t care.) unreasonable order.

‘Excuse me but I asked you to move!’

I wasn’t even talking in class or anything. *cough* Again, I politely declined in which she decided to go all-a-ragin’ on me, which was a damper on my exuberant mood. (due to my impending physics test, of course. who could ever doubt the joy that a physics test could bring?) With great reluctance, I shifted myself (read: accidentally whacking everyone within 1km with my chair.). and thus, I never really got to enjoy the ecstacy that was learning about turning moments.

oh, the sheer horror.

anyway, said “sister” (actually, I’ll refer to her as the school nurse. She is no blood sibling of mine.) decided to go all-a-whispering to her counterparts, who looked at me with revulsion and abject terror. Oh, the sheer audacity of disobeying a direct command! oh, my refusal to submit to an authority figure that’s first doctor-ly instinct was to send everyone home!

Fuck, if she wants ‘respect’, she has to earn it. So far, she hasn’t. I mean, going back a coupla’ years now: all I had was a fever. o-o she could have sent me on my merry way with some calpol or something. No need to waste my parent’s money by sending me home. -_-

anyway, abby joined me soonafter and promptly told me I was so screwed. I agreed.

Now, almost a full week after the unfortunate incident, Dr. Wilkinson told me non too gently that ‘there’s been a complaint about you’. … jeez, she takes her time in getting revenge, huh. But, morning ruiner for sure, and I broke down and sobbed my little socks off. I had a pretty good game (I think it’s called runes of magic. try it out.) and I really wanted to spend my friday evening playing it instead of attending a detention.

Anyway, after my embarrassing tear-shedding ceremony, Lauren and Jess joined me in the bathroom where Abby and I had taken up temporary residence. To my abject surprise, I discovered that she had gotten the same revenge treatment.

Full story:
Lauren’s birthday was last thursday! (belated happy birthday anyone?) And the nurse told her to shift herself as well, to which she declined far more politely than I. She got screwed over too.

Detention after school is a level 3 sanction. Why we got it for low level disruption is beyond me. The most we should have gotten was a verbal warning (level 1) or an in-school detention if it really made the school nurse feel better about her general outlook on life. Dr. Wilkinson had kindly informed me that the school nurse had gone to Mrs. Milner about it, who referred her to Dr. Wilkinson.

Nice to know we’re so important.

Back on subject: In defense of Lauren, she had no control on what day her birthday happened to fall on. Having a birthday in school is a misfortune in itself, but having an embarrassing session on what was most definitely not a “family planning” session was doubly misfortunate. (for gods sake, the website told us to share our period experience with others. that is so normal, ain’t it?) Even more triply misfortunate was that the school nurse wanted to seperate Lauren from her friends.

After a few minutes of meditation, I’ve surmised the facts:

1. I really hate this country.

2. ‘Cause their politeness is starting to get to me. Jesus christ, it’s like everyone has a stick up their ass or something.

3. To be honest, this is like the whole london theatre thing all over again ( I was not involved, because I fell asleep on the lady next to me. GOOD GOD that was embarrassing… Especially was Mrs. Wiffen was sitting a couple of rows away from me… The weird thing was the lady didn’t even push me off her. I only woke up cause someone poked me. The first thing I saw was the house on stage exploding: it was so cool! <3)

Anyway, the people who didn’t fall asleep next to random old ladies were ratted on by this headmistress, so they all had to talk to Mrs. Joynes. BTW, some people weren’t even involved but for the sake of comradeship, they took the punishment anyway. I salute thee, loyal friends. The school system’s got nothing on us. … BACK ON SUBJECT:  It’s just another detention.

4. This is kind of unfair. :/ She doesn’t even teach in the school.  And we acquired a shiny LEVEL 3 SANCTION FOR LOW LEVEL DISRUPTION, IF IT CAN EVEN BE CALLED THAT. All we did was to refuse what the school regards as a figure of authority. For not changing seats. Are you screwing with me?

6. Tomorrow’s PSHE again. Oh, this is not going to be pretty.

7. I might give Emmers the link to this blog cause I trust her. Hey Emmers, if you see this, hi.

8. crap.

I’m really tired of all of this stuff. *waves hand around* I’ll probably talk to the school nurse and stuff and see if I could take over Lauren’s detention ’cause she really doesn’t deserve it and this really matters to her. Not martyring myself or anything. I’ll probably get into worse trouble.

Psychological problem?

Inability to express deference.

Suck it up. 😉