I hate year 10. D8 There’s so many goddang tests week after week. I’m beginning to feel a bit like a lab rat. -_-” On the other hand, I did pretty well in the bio test. (: On the other hand, I’m realising that I truly and honestly don’t know anything about physics.

And I have a physics test next week. Joy. <:

Anywhooo. Maths is a real pain the ass right now. I swear the Martinator has got it in for Sprout & Manon. Just ’cause they aren’t superduper geniuses at maths doesn’t mean she can target them like that. ._.;; Gragh.

Plusplusplus: we had this performance poet dude come in today. At first we were all thinking: gaaah, the heck. probably an old lady reading poetry about cats or politics or something equally fascinating. (read: boring) On the contrary, the guy was one cool dude. He was super tall and funny in a good way. ^^ Beats double maths hand freaking down.

And I got a house point thing in maths today. I feel so dirty contaminating my biology hps with a maths one. D8 (Jokes. Not that obsessed yet, thank god. -__-“””)

Coughcoughcough. A buncha people were off sick today, and the familiar hand of winter sickness is creeping up on me too. Away with you, you bastard! D8<