Museums? Nah. ):

So the english trip was today. It was… boring. No srs, I’m not saying that just cause it was an english trip [although it was pretty damn good indication] but because it was, in all honesty,boring. ;__;

First sign of indication: 2 hour coach ride.

Two hours. Two goddamn hours. I cry. ;__; I sat next to Emily of course. :3 Omgah, I gotta tell ya something funny: So before the coach came, Emily and the rest were already there. And when the coach came Emily was all ‘let’s hook arms and go’ but I saw it is a fist. So um, quite awesomely, I bumped fists with her all the while wondering why her hand was positioned in a weird way… XD

You had to be there to understand the funniness. 😉

But seriously, we had to entertain ourselves for two whole hours.  I shudder even as I’m typing this. >_<



Emily and I decided to text her sister, Lucy with random stuff. She must think I’m a total idiot by now. XD

Meh, I’ll post more tomorrow, ’cause it’s 23:23. ;p