I rawr @ ‘chu.

Rawr, about another month to go before I leave England. I’m actually looking forward to it. 8D

I stumbled across one of my old blogs. Like way, way, way old. ._.;; All I can say is: I was a total bitch. D; I just look back and think: Was that seriously me? That person who whined and hated and… yeah. I’m not going to post the link or people will think badly of me. D;




Anyway, I got my latin & geography & P.E results back.

Latin: A, 84%. 1% less for A*.

Geography: 66%, A.

P.E: B. 64%

Lawl, Mrs EP actually wrote a comment about how I had improved. ;p It was.. amusing. While she was going through the paper with us, Abby & I played squared on the back of the paper. ‘Twas fun.

We played tennis again duing lunch. Katie & Alex vs. Abby, Liana and I. It got kind of… boring somehow. With Maddy we could laugh and insult her [playfully, duh]  but… yeah. ._.

Katie is Alex’s friend-in-chief now. We hate it when she does that; when she just drifts away from us for another person. Not that we’re needy or possessive, but because it’s kind of pushing the boundaries of  ‘taking people for granted’. I mean, it hasn’t been long since I’ve been more than a wimpish hanger-on. It’s happened before, so we’re not just randomly PMSing.


I don’t sound jealous, do I? ‘Cause I’m not. Despite everything, I don’t think I’m jealous. ;p Which is somewhat reassuring.

Btw, english trippy tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. ._.

Duckyducky. :3

Duckyducky. :3