My happiness has been…

  1. Kicked in it’s ass
  2. Mutilated
  3. Destroyed
  4. With no hope of regeneration
  5. At least, not until school is finally over
  6. Stolen
  7. Eaten
  8. Consumed
  9. I think I may be hungry.
  10. I would cry, but I can’t be bothered.

Probably wondering why I’m being so… well. For lack of a better word, emo.

Exam results are back.

Let’s just say that it isn’t a cause for joyous celebration. I’m seriously unhappy. I’m not even happy to draw my stupid pictures to entertain myself. Because I’m very sad, and sadness does not inspire happy pictures. It inspires pictures of darkness of veins and of tearing apart of something, things that need not be drawn and that the fabric of the world would do well without.

And I would tear the skies until they bled not blood but tears and I would drown the seas in blood of sorrow so slain by the intruders of world and sky. No heaven no hell just an empty plane of existence that exists on through hail through rain. No feelings no tears what a world it would be, but that world will never come into fruitation for no one would allow such a plane of mindless existence to exist. Cruelty does not become such a beautiful world why must we make such complications of ourselves? Continue and continue and continue but when do we know we have truly met the end in it’s raw form? Since when have we ever sat down and thought about the matters of the world this world we destroy so readily without thought. The world that is consuming itself without even noticing what it is doing everyone understands but they know not what they are doing but they keep doing it all the same.

Okay, so the emo-ness isn’t out of my system yet. >_>;;

*shifty eyes*


Maths: 69%. No pervy jokes if you understand it.

Biology: 80%

Physics: 80%

History: 73%

Let’s talk about history. Let’s talk about the 2%, approximately 1 mark [1.7%] away from A*.

Let’s talk all about how I hate Mrs. Windall and her strict marking regime.

Let’s talk about..


I don’t want to talk anymore.