One day I’ll wish upon a star, but it’s kind of dumb.

Why should it give a bombom?

Why should it give a bombom?

I mean seriously, who the heck wishes for something and tells it to a million tonnes of flaming hydrogen? I wouldn’t. Even though Disney does go on a little bit about ‘When you wish upon a staaaarrrr, all your dreams will explode into a million flaming pieces of bloodmetal and impale your soft flesh’ I still adore them.

Anyway, I watched Monsters VS Aliens. It’s okay I guess. It nets a merit of around… 2/5. Disney hasn’t lost it’s magical touch yet, but they really let themselves go about this one.

Okay, so. The ski trip.

I don’t really want to talk about it. It wasn’t that it was bad (god knows, it was.) it’s just that.. >_>

Sunday: Get to the airport. I thought that I forgot to take the camera and left it charging at home, so I forgot to take /any/ pictures from Sunday to Thursday. Yay me. I was one of the few who actually took 2 suitcases with me. Huzzah for overpacking.

Dear god, the 6 hours of intense plane riding was… >_> I watched Madagascar 2, so it wasn’t that crappy. I watched 5 minutes of High School Musical 3. I refuse to speak of it ever again. Lets just say that Disney should give up and write off HSM.

After the plane ride, we spent an hour in customs. May I say that Boston needs to invest in air conditioners for the airport? >_> After waiting for everyone to get the hell out of there, we just waited in the arrival lounge for a non-existent coach to pick us up. Why? Because joy of joys, after 6 hours of straight plane-suffering, we get hit by a 4 hour coach journey as well.

This was a sign that things were not going to go well.

We waited half an hour for the damn coach to arrive, then we had to drag our suitcases for 5 minutes to get to the coach. I was seriously pissed off. We passed about 30 rows of empty parking places, but the coach had to be at the back. >__>;;

During the coach ride, Lauren kept whinging and trying to sleep, whereas Helena was whinging about some kind of illness or another. I moved to Lauren’s seat beside Alex when Lauren tried to sleep on an empty row of seats in front of us. I can’t remember what the heck we talked about… >_> Halfway during the ride, Helena went all emo on us and complained about her illness and stuff. o_O

This is basically what happened through the entire coach ride.

This is basically what happened through the entire coach ride.

I felt majorly bad about that, but we invited her to join our conversations and everything. >_< Idk why she went all emo on us. We kind of disturbed Lauren by poking her until she got irritated and whinged at us. ;p

When we did get to the hotel, we were denied immediate food and sleep. Of course, I was incredibly outraged, but was too tired to do anything except collapse onto the floor in the lounge thing.

I admit it. I'm pathetic. >_>

I admit it. I'm pathetic. >_>

There I succumb to my weakness- A sofa thing. THEN WE HAD TO BE FRIGGIN’ LECTURED ABOUT STUFF, WHILE I BANG MY HEAD AGAINST A WALL. Fortunately, after the strained welcome speech, we got a brown bag of vomit food.

Food = good, right?


Food = Good
Brown paper bag food =/= Good.
In fact,

Bag of vomit.

Bag of vomit.

Before someone accuses me of being a whiny loser and throws in some facts about starving children in Africa, let me get things straight.

Yeah, I ate it when I realised I was pretty damn hungry. I didn’t touch the apple. Nu-uh. It was… freakishly red. I prefer my apples a pinkish red with a little green. >_> No seriously, it was like PLASTIC. The sandwich thing had tomatoes and lettuce so I took those out and just ate the bread. It was okay. The water was… Totally delicious. I swear to god it’s so pure- unlike the polluted chlorine-filled tapwater shit they serve us in the UK. The cookies were immediately chucked onto the table and forgotten about. I ate the chips though, ’cause I was pretty hungry.

Alex and I were the only ones actually eating and not whinging like hell. Helena kept repeating ‘we can’t eat this’. While I wholeheartedly agreed with her, I’d like to point out that we were a thousand miles from home and we had to eat what we could get. Plus they’d probably whipped this up at the last moment, and I’m telling ya, making enough food for 39 hungry people isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

So after getting bored of their whinging, I went to get my ski stuff out for tomorrow’s epic skiing. (Or not.)


Let me tell you this:

The breakfast was EPIC EPIC EPIC.

It was in your average hotel-style, with MUFFINS, cherry juice and sausages. And cornflakes. After last night’s disappointing meal, we dug in. I think I stole all the kiwis off the food plate. I LOVE KIWIS. I remember back in Singapore there was some kind of kiwi day, and everyone gave me their kiwis ’cause they didn’t like them. I ended up with like 12 of them. <_< C’MON PEOPLE, WHERE’S THE LOVE?

We went back to the room and wore our ski stuff then were redirected to the lounge. By that time, all of us were hot as heck in our skiing outfits. The sucky thing was the twenty minute introduction. Say your names and get on with it people! We don’t need to know your life story.

After they were FINALLY DONE, we got seperated into two groups.


And there was this pathetic group with about 10 people consisting of Alex, me, Mrs Joynes and another bunch of random dudes from Year 7/8. Helena and Lauren were in the Pro group, but I was suprised that Alex was with me since she skis better than Helena. I immediately thought that Helena would lord it over us, being the cynical dude I am. When we were still at school she kept saying we’d be in different groups because she had more experience and stuff.

To be honest, I was getting a little tired of her IN-YOUR-FACE attitude, and Alex was picking up on it. Helena went around telling people that she had improved since her last ski trip and stuff. I could have believed her except for a little accident later on.

All the MAJORLY PRO DUDES IN YOUR FACE I’M PRO AND I CAN ACTUALLY SKI UNLIKE YOU PATHETIC PEOPLE went off to get their skis and ski boots while we stayed inside and ovened. (Honestly, why /baked/. Does anyone bake anymore? No, they microwave, they oven, they eat things raw. Only those really old bakeries actually bake. WHO THE HECK BAKES HERE? RAISE YOUR HAND?)

After around 20 minutes of waiting, our time was up. We stumbled drunkenly out of the door, delirous with heat and thirst. (We had a drink and all, but it doesn’t take much to get thirsty again. And again. And again. >_>) I was just tall enough to get my stupid poles. I needed them anyway D: I would have died out there without them. It was my first time with the things so it was pretty awkward.

Let me tell you something- walking on snows with skis isn’t easy.

Our miserable little group got split up into two. One for the I’M SERIOUSLY NEW TEACH ME group and one for the I KNOW HOW TO SKI BUT I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH group. Our instructor was Max. I thought he was called Matt for about half of the ski trip. >_>;  He thought we were just one up from the beginner group, so originally, this is what it was like.

And you wonder why we were pissed.

And you wonder why we were pissed.

First we had to ski normally around them, then we parallel skiid. I learnt that during my last lesson at the ski school and everyone else kne how to, so after a few goes, we went up to the top of the mountain. By then I had pretty much mastered how to walk without falling over embarrassingly.

(I hoped)

We pretty much spent all of the morning skiing down the mountain then went to lunch.

And get this: my first lunch cost $13.

13 Dollars.

>__>;; Is food really worth that much?

Okay, my mom says I’m a total miser about money. I might agree with her but I’ll never admit it. I was born like that. I even get slightly pissed about my school fees even though I’m not paying and all. BUT THIRTEEN DOLLARS? THAT. IS. A. RIPOFF.

Plus the thing is that they didn’t display the prices for the meal. BUT THIRTEEN DOLLARS? JUST WHAT THE FUNFAIR?

When we got back to skiing, we had a nasty suprise when Max told us that we were doing a Dark Blue run called the Montrealer. What is a ‘Dark Blue run’ you may ask? Don’t ask. Look.

It's quite accurate, btw.

It's quite accurate, btw.

Ya with the program? Okay, so we went up the lift again, ski’d off into the glades, went over a fecking bridge without rails and smushy snow and on TARMAC. (It was hard. It took me ages to get over.) Went up ANOTHER lift, and ta-da.

Thinking back, I had a mild spaz attack. Then we were promptly told, ‘If you parallel ski slowly down, you won’t fall.’


The first sign of doom was that before we even started going down, I fell. Everytime we had a stop point, we fell. Illustration:

Say no more.

Say no more.

It got so bad that whenever they found out someone fell, everyone suspected it was me. Another girl, Saskia Bamba (or however you spell her surname) kept spazzing and falling down as well. Thats how we became… acquaintened. As in, we were going down a steep hill, agreed that we’d visit each other in hospital, and went down.

Outcome: We fell like heck. We were going along this smooth path devoid of ROCKS, TREE BRANCHES, OBSTRUCTIVE OBJECTS, when we suddenly rocketed down this random steep mountain path, leapt onto a bed of rocks, fell backwards and slid down the mountain thing.

Basically, everyone except Mrs Joynes, the instructor and Helena didn’t fall. Helena was skiing so slowly, it was funny. XD Mrs Joynes kind of got the hint after everyone in front of her suddenly slid off and fell.

I’ll post more later. (as in, 2 years. XD)