Back to schooool.

Arr. It doesn’t really feel like I’ve ever had a 1 week holiday. >_>;; 1 year should be more helpful. Anyway, same old, same old. Abby got her braces off! Her teeth look so awesome. n_n Liana and Alex are still the same. XD

Anyway- In Maths, all we did was some Review Exercise. It was pretty easy. ^_^
Biology- TESTTESTTEST. >_< We have this new teacher (thank god) called… Mrs I forgot her name. She’s pretty and young. Waaay better than Mrs Fitzmaurice. I think. She has an apparent issue with holding our hands up- something I found strangely infantile when I went to England. Just Lawl, teachers like to think they have some form of control over the class by restricting the knowledge (hah, for some) passing through our… vocal cords. >_>

The test was okay easy.

History: Lol, I was thinking ‘ohcrap’ all lesson ’cause I thought I didn’t do the homework. We were discussing forced to watch a powerpoint about the FIRST WORLD WAR. I maintain that it was caused by Britain. 😉 Anyway, turns out I did the homework. x_x

Drama; …

I hate drama. I abhor drama. I detest trying to act. >_<
That is it.