Ahh, my life is like a miserable fog.


It was Sprout’s birthday todaaaay 😮

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Sprouttt.
Happy birthday to yooh.


 And lolz, you broke the TV.

I am guessing that the english budget is rather pitiful, judging by the original decripit state of the disaster of modern technology. In other words: It was going to fall apart anyway; it’s end just came quicker than expected. :p Why don’t they steal the flashy new tv that I suspect is replacing the quality of the food? -.-” They had to write an apology thing while we went to watch Macbeth.

Three words: I fell asleep.

Not actual sleep, just the kind of limbo between awakeness and slumber.

The ghost of Banquo was awesome, though. ./Nerd

Then the maths challenge. Oh my *flying cupcake*, I swear the level of hardness has increased by AT LEAST over 9000 % since last years’. :p I only managed to do 2 of the harder questions, and I’m not even sure if they’re correct. :/ Let’s just say me and maths don’t mix. At all. Nuh-uh.

Then double physics. It’s not that I dislike physics- I *secretly* actually like the mathmatical equations (shut up.) and the whole physics-is-so-a-part-of-ya-life thing. It’s just … unfortunate that I have taken an immediate dislike to Mrs Mackin. That, and she can’t teach and doesn’t even know my name. >.>;; She teaches the subject very badly. She needs to like, attend extra teacher-student classes. She doesn’t even answer questions properly, for FLUFF sake. .__.;; Sigh, I hope that we get better teachers. ‘Cause I actually like science. -.-

Sometimes the more humane part of me is a little hurt at the way I’m excluded from stuff. But then the other side of me is all ‘I don’t give a shit, just stfu and study’. It’s all the little things that count… and hurt. >.>;; It’s like, someone drops a big ultimatum on me, and I just close off myself. Someone does something little, like push me away randomly or whatever, I care.

Yeah, the other part of me cares alot.

I’m on it.

I’m getting better all the time. Ignore all, forget all, don’t let all control your life. Nanananana.