Back to schoool… *cry*Shnitz.


Why, snow why? You hath forsaken meh. And I won’t love you anymore. ): BECAUSE YOU MADE ME GO TO SCHOOL, A DIRECT CAUSE OF YOUR FOOLISH ACTIONS!

If you have something remotely resembling a brain, you will understand that school is not, and will never be the object of my fascinations. That honoured place is solely reserved for the mental debates on the meaning of life. So far, I’ve come up with nothing. Heh.

When I got to school, jdshnskjds. I was the ONLY one in my classroom >__< It was all daaark. And scary. Yeah, whatever. So I skipped off to Alex’s class to say hai to Liana, who promptly informed me that I had missed ‘Camp Rock’ by not attending school yesterday. Ah well, read the book, watched the movie. Conclusion: Rip-off’d from High School Musical. :p Also, Alex had come to school on BOTH Monday AND Tuesday, LOL, PWNT!

We did this role play in double geography… Ellie Brunton and I were the structural engineers. Those dudes who built your city/country. *cough* Just like to say, but Ellie and I keep ending up in pairs together. It’s not even funny. -.-”

I dislike/detest/abhor/hate art now. I am serious. %^&*( I am. Art is all about discovering your own style, redefining the subject, using your frickin’ imagination. Not Klimt, Klimt, effin` Klimt all the time. I think Mrs. Smith is obsessed with that guy. She’s always ‘copy Klimt dammit’ and I’m all like. Eff art. If this is art, someone needs to get a life and just quit the subject. x__o

We had the OH EM GEEH house music festival rehearsal. The dreaded ‘festival’ is occuring next Friday, which just really… sucks. Big time. They abuse us in so manydifferent ways. -_-” ‘sing sing sing LOUDER DAMMIT LAWDUR’ and ‘You’re not singing’. sgshdjas; whoever created this thing- I will go back in time and personally see to your demise.

P.E was benchball… and once again I was FORCED ON THE BENCH, ’cause my last name is ‘Yau’. … Isn’t there a Zambini somewhere? Hmm, hmm, HMMM?! needless to say… :p  4-1. We lost.

We also have a FRENCH test next week, and a maths challenge tomorrow. Oh crap, aw crap, aww man!

Trina, signing out.

P.S- here’s a video I did of my fanfic:

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