Been there, done that.

 Well, I got a one month ban from my game. ): Expect my homework standard to improve, school. I was mediating on the possible outcomes of Helena’s hostility and I deduce that she may be happier away from our err. ‘Little gang’. I remember telling Helena on that day which shall not be mentioned that Alex was the leader of our ‘little gang’.

Time for more symbolism.

Imagine, if you will, a wolf pack.

There’s the most dominant- the pack leader, Alpha, whatever you want to call it. That is Alex. Then there’s the betas which are Abby and Emily. Liana comes in as an beta. And then there’s Helena and I, the omegas. Or at least, I think of myself as an Omega. Not sure what Helena thinks. And that is my current logical explanation of the friendship system that exists in our happy (*sarcasm*) little cube*. [Refer to previous post for more details]

Emily and I have dubbed her scheme to remain as the middle person the ‘Slater scheme’. Basically, she won’t talk to us so Helena will talk to her. She knows that we’ll talk to her anyway cause basically, we don’t really give a flying cupcake about the entire thing, unlike a certain person. [Really, the only thing I really care about is that Helena won’t go psycho on us and beat us all up.] Let me give you a watered-down blow by blow:

Helena refused to acknowledge Emily as her friend because she talks with our little group.. And Emily is like a saint, so she feels extremely uncomfortable with the unwelcome turn of events. Her desire to remain on the middle ground (Or sitting on the fence, as Maddi-笨蛋 so eloquently puts it) comes up with the Slater Scheme- we do not talk to her so Helena will talk with her. I immediately dubbed it as the worse plan ever attempting to come into fruitation. It is extremely retarded for several very obvious reasons-

One. If Helena does fall for this extremely stupid scheme, then Emily cannot talk to us until this entire stupid thing is resolved. Reason: If she is accepted by Helena again, and still talks to us, Helena is going to exclude her again.

Two: I really hate friend-schemes like this. Go along for the ride, people, and don’t let friendship control your life. Who the heck knows if that person you’re agonizing over is going to be your friend forever? Give your mind a rest and just let things go.

Three: I think I’m too selfish to understand Emily’s eternal compassion. Quite simply, I lack it.  

Four: Give Helena some credit. This scheme extends beyond the realm of stupidity. Brain + Eyes = See through Scheme.

Lets digest a new piece of information: The Omega Is the lowest rank of any wolf pack. They are constantly being picked on, yet they are a very important part of a wolf pack (my ass). The omega relives tention (more like creates, idiot) within the pack, and is the last to eat. And sometimes, the omega gets picked on so much, they become lone wolves. (True, dat.)

And there you have it. Credits to for the stuff. OMFG, I REMEMBER ANGELFIRE. I remember it being a terrifyingly BAD website with horrendous graphics that set your eyes on fire. Plus really bad music that you COULDN’T turn off. Ohmahgawd. >_< At least it’s somewhat better now.

Anyway, there ya go.

Reason 6: Helena has been supposedly ignored (because all she ever talks about is fashion, and that irritates the FLYING CUPCAKE out of me. Plus, she’s overdone the I-am-a-fashion-expert thing… so. Yeah.) and has become a lone wolf. Then she has joined the Nerd Pack, and has now risen to the rank of Juveniles and Pups in that Pack.

To be kinda honest, I like being the lonely little Omega of the Pack. I’ve always been a Listener. Listen, classify information for future use, be silent. Story of my life.

This entire thing stinks of ‘been there, done that’, hence the title.

Oh yeah, I discovered a new way to draw anime eyes on paint. I hate paint. So hard to draw stuffs. ):

Here is the omega.


The Omega.

The Omega. Please don't laugh at him. He endures enough from the rest of the pack already. That, and I have never actually tried to draw a wolf in my life. (Ok, maybe my first attempt way up there when I was trying to draw a wolf pack system, but needless to say, I failed epicly.) All I wanted to do was to come here, study like heck, make friends, study more. etc etc. Not get involved in pointless, childish dramas.Things didn't turn out quite as planned, huh?Edit: October 06 09: Lawl, I wrote that I hold grudges here, lawl.To be honest, I can't be angry for extended periods of time.My inner Zen won't let me...*ommmm* <3Disclaimer.

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