27th Jan. Long blog spoiler.

Date&Time: 27 January 2009 14:20:33
There is a translation available below, should I ever lose the gift to communicate and read chinese.
I have to start up the conflicker removal thing again, unless the school finally removed it. >_<;; It was Chinese new year yesterday. Yay? >_>; It was pretty dismal, what with the England-officialy-going-into-recession thing. Keyword: officially. We were ‘unofficially’ in it since.. last year. -_-” They finally admitted it. :/ And now everything’s going crazy. Hundreds get fired everyday, banks going bankrupt, etc etc. A dutch bank got bankrupt today, equals to do-do hitting the fan.
My day was fairly interesting. Bad interesting. Bad as in, Helena. And this is where I do everything in Han Yu Pin Yin, so try and decode this, noobs. >_<
Jin tian Helena-jie bu shi wo men de peng you le. Eh, hai shi wo yi wei ta bu shi wo men de peng you. Yin wei zuo tian, Liana gei wo men yi zhang zhi. Zhi shang, shi MSN de tu an. Helena xie le zhe ju hua: Abby shi ge fei da de 38. Yun le! Bu zhi ta nao zi zai xiang shen me -_- Ta dao xian zai dou mei ba ta chu diao. Zhen ben. Jin tian zhen can…
Abby gen Liana mian dui Helena. Abby wen Helena wei shen me ta xie abby shi ge 38. Helena mei shuo shen me. Ta zhi gen Abby shi ta de fu mu bu yao ta lai ta de jia le. >_< Na you guan shen me shi? Abby dou mei zuo cuo shen me… Ok, ran hou Helena shuo ta de fu mu zhi dao zheng ge shi qing. Abby wen Helena ta de fu mu zhi bu zhi dao ta xie zhe yang the dong xi, ran hou Helena jiu shuo ta mei ci dou bei ta fu mu chen fa de, suo yi mei shi.
Na you gen shi qing you shen me guan xi??
Hou lai wo bu nai fan, zou le qu xi shou jian xi shou 🙂 (Biology guo hou, wo hen pa hui shen bing!) Wo yu dao le Rachel, gen ta da le zhao hu. Ran hou…
Wo men ting dao Helena de ku sheng. T_T Na shi hou, wo gan de hen bu shu fu. Ta yi zhi ku; Rachel he wo dou bi zhi gai zuo shen me. Wo gei le Rachel san ge jie jue:
a] Chong ah!
b] Liu zai xi shou jian
c] Bu zhi dao. XD
Zhong yu Helena gen Emily zou le, ran hou wo men jiu chong chu qu 🙂 Wo men yao qu shang ke de shi hou, Helena he Abby you chao jia T_T Ta men shuo le ji ju, you mei shen me le. Ran hou Abby you gen Liana lao lao dao dao, Helena ting le, liang hong, you tu ran meng chu hui lai. Ta dui Abby shuo quan dou shi ta zuo de huai shi.
Na ge shi hou, ta hao kong bu o… T^T
Alex, Abby gen Liana kuai dian jiu zou le, liu zhe wo qu mian dui Helena… Wo dou bu xiang zuo shen me, ke shi Helena zhan zai na’er yi zhi ku… Dou bi zhi gai zuo shen me. Ta shuo ta yao da, yao sha, jian zi ba ren jia xia si le! Wo men zou qu di 3 jie ke, shu xue, ta shuo ru guo ta zi sha, wo men hui bu hui zhong yu zhu yi ta? … Wo shuo wo men hui bei xue xiao kai chu le. T^T
Ta zhen de hao kong bu o…
Wo yao gen ma-mi jiang le. Zhen de xia xi le ): Wo bu yao gen zhe shi qing you guan.
Present day: 30th January.
Translatshooon: Today, Helena is no longer our best friend. Or friend. Whatever. Or, I think that she’s not our friend (not sure about the other dudes) because yesterday, Liana gave us a piece of paper. On the paper, (lol, maybe I should stop literally translating this.)Anyhoo, on the papaaarrr was a picture of MSN. Helena said: Abby is a big fat b*tch. Liek oh em gee. (rofl, literally: faint! not oh em gee. XD) I have no idea what the heck she was thinking. Even until now she has not taken it down. (She posted it in October, methinks.) How stupid. How bad this day is…
Abby and Liana confronted Helena. Abby asked Helena why she wrote that Abby was a b*tch. Helena did not say anything. She only told Abby that her parents did not want her to go to her house anymore. What had that got to do with anything? -_-;; Abby had not done anything wrong… Ok, and then Helena said her parents knew about everything. (Everything what? I mean, even I don’t know everything, gawd! Jkjk. <3) Abby asked Helena if her parents knew that she wrote these kind of things, and Helena replied that her parents grounded her all the time, so it was ok.
And what has that got to do with anything?
Later, I lost my patience (not that I had any to begin with) and went to the bathroom. [[After Biology, I was afraid of being ill!]] I met Rachel, and said hai. And then…
We heard the sound of Helena crying. T_T At that time, I felt very uncomfortable. [[Before I came here, I really could endure multiple emotional outbursts without blinking an eye. England makes you so soft. I suspect they use a brainwashing technique called thoughtstopping- you’re surrounded by people who force you to think positively and behave positively to you in return, you stop your daaark and scaary thoughts and behave positively towards them. Carrying on…]] She kept crying; Rachel and I did not know what to do. I gave Rachel 3 options:
a] Chaaarge!
b] Stay in the bathroom.
c] No idea.
Finally, Helena and Emily left the place outside the bathroom, and we charged out! 🙂 When we were about to go to class, Helena and Abby quarrelled again. T_T They said a couple of words, and nothing much happened. Abby was grumbling to Liana, Helena heard, her face was red, and again rushed out like a monster. She told Abby that this was all her doing.
At that time, she was so… monstrous.
Alex, Abby and Liana hurried off, leaving me to confront Helena… I didn’t even want to do anything, but Helena just stood there all the time crying. No idea what to do at that time. She said she wanted to hit, wanted to kill, and she had me scared to death. [[I went into defensive mode, ready to flight. >_> Yes, I was that scared, for a number of reasons. One- the assailant was larger than me. Two- she had judo training. Three- She was a friend.]] We went to the 3rd lesson, maths, she said if she committed seppuku, would we notice her? I told her that we would probably get expelled from school. [[Because no matter how everyone says school is fair, it isn’t If it was fair, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t hate this place. I wouldn’t have started this blog so I wouldn’t go insane. School isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair. I accept it. But that doesn’t mean I won’t fight. And win.]]
Continued in another post.