23rd January

Grr, I hate these UK keyboards. Everything is so different… why do they have to be different? People come to England and die of freakin` car accidents for driving on the wrong side of the road. ./Mini rant.
I haven’t put up any of the blogposts yet. T^T A steady pile is growing in my inbox :p Oh yeah, the house music festivals are coming again.
Kill. Me. Now.
House festivals are bad. bad. Very bad.
Anyway, Montreal, or as we affectionatey call it, the loser house, doesn’t even know what song to do. >_<” First sign of disorganization right THERE. And then they chose a weird song that’s pre-chosen by teachers. … ‘The lion sleeps tonight’. What the heck, people.
Where’s the originality?
Locked up in kids and nation by nation?
Stickin’ to rules and mindless taste
Dontcha think that it’s all a waste?
Here’s to thoughts
And here’s to minds
The adults are all so
Yes, I’m crap at poetry.
Sue me.
Meh. It’s Helena’s party-thing tomorrow… She’s so moody lately. Must be another part of being  a teenager… hey wait, I’m a teen too. >__>;; I hope the major mood swings part of the job description doesn’t kick in anytime soon.
Also, someone hit me in the eyebrow with a lacrosse stick today. At least it wasn’t in teh eye