Helena’s sleepover. <3

Hehe, Hely invited Alex, Abby, Emily and I over for a birthday party/sleepover, even though her birthday was liek, on Monday. Anyway, we went to this chinese restaurant called Ginseng. XD Anyway, later we went back and OMFG WATCHED SILENT HILL. It’s sooo scary.

It’s about this little girl that everyone thinks is a witch. And her mom and everyone else was a witch-hunter. The mom just gave her up to them, and then they FRIGGIN’ BURNT HER. -_- And omfg, her body was like… so burnt. Ewww. It was actually kind of funny, and I’m not even joking. -.- She fell down the stairs, and then saw the bodies. Then she ran around like a chicken. XD

In the end, the mom rescues the girl, but when they go back home to find the dad, they’re like in the ghost world D= The dad’s world (reality) is all bright and sunny, but the woman&&the girl’s world is like.. omfg. Foggy? It was kinda sad, in the depressing and the lame way.

>_>; We decided to watch Bambi after, to get rid of the nightmares n’ stuff. But it was 1am+, so we decided not to. XD

When we went to bed, we kinda gossiped. :p Flo, the girl I don’t like  hate, has a really weirdddd family. Listening to other people’s weirdness makes me feel so much better about my life. XD -mean- We went to sleep at liek, 3.15 am, and I woke up at 8:30 am. I was the last to wake up, and they were being so NOISY. T__T

   和利娜说啊乐思偷了她的坐位,抢了她的 limelight. 好小气哦!