13th Jan`08

13th of January.
Hely drew this

Hely drew this


Feh, they haven’t unblocked WordPress yet. WO GEN NI PING LE NEH! Rofl. Today was as usual, boring. Liekduh. -_- No seriously, Double Spanish in the morning isn’t gonna lighten up my mood. I was coding ACTool again, and I noticed that the mouse clicks somewhere (for reasons yet known) else. Which messes up the trade box when selling the hats. I’m gonna ask PKM for the real code when I get back. The glitch works fine- made 3m so far. ^__^ The Midnight Coding didn’t work well, and I had to recode this morning. T^T
I hate drama. Really.
Me on drama: ‘There’s enough angst and sh¬t in this world. No need to add to it.
Really, mystery and etc is not my thing. Humour however… ❤ Feh, enough about that infernal subject. Let us talk (type, read… whatever) about my boring, unproductive and absolutely mindless day. One could weep waterfalls.
Anyway, I’m dertermined to learn a new word everyday. And not as determined to forget it.Well, dictionary.com’s word of the day FTW. ^__^ Today’s word is… iconoclast. Definition: ma person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions as foolish or wrong. Flo is an iconoclast, attacking the beliefs of one of the most popular religion in the world… Christianity.
For PE today, we played Benchball. Delight to everyone else, forecast of doom and opression to moi. Why, you ask (or don’t, idc). Well, it’s ’cause of the fact that I’m like FIVE INCHES SMALLER THAN ANYONE ELSE. >__<;; Growth hormone, oh growth hormone, where art thee?! Your absence depresses me so, and does cut me like Neptune’s fork. … Ok, so I’m no Shakespeare. >_>;; Needless to say, the group I was in lost 4-0. PRO NEH?! At least I got onto the bench, which is a minor miracle already.
Mdm Thompson didn’t come to school today. Shame. But in her place was the ostrich ladyy! Nuu D: Mdm Thompson made us do A FREAKIN` FRENCH STORY?!!!! Lauren, being Lauren, weaved a heart-wrenching lament of a pink goat called Steve and his girlfriend called Barbara. They proceeded to enter a farm, and then I proposed that they get shot by the farmer for trespassing. Strangely, my idea was rejected. Ah well. The lemons in life are sour. (And rarely, very rarely, fresh and juicy.)
Imma go get my bag nao, bai-bai.