12th Jan `08

Meh, well. 12th January.
School was normal (when isn’t it? Oh yeah, one time the lacrosse ball hit the fire alarm. Chaos and laughter ensued. Highlight of the school term? … Pretty much, yeah. I need to get a life. T^T) The school network admins blocked wordpress.com, so there’s a risk there’s monitoring emails n’ stuff. I might as well invent a new code in han-yu-pin-yin since the school comps don’t support my symbol code (obviously) But now, I really cba.
I still feel some indignation at the blocking of wordpress.com. I mean really- what have they got against people expressing their personal views? ._.;; And my blog was there too, so I’m gonna be all inactive again. Mass appeals don’t work, do they? :/
Having a maths test in the morning is stupid. It’s been discovered that students canot work to their full potential in the morning (because they have weekend hangovers) so the maths test is actually EPIC PHAILURE. That, and I’m whinging. My brain seems to work better when I repeatedly tap it lightly with a pen… This says something about my mental capabilities. Hmm.
Mrs Fitzmaurice’s pregnant hormones seem to be getting the better of her. She snapped at us all morning/afternoon, which is a damper to our learning abilities. (That, and the students gossip about when she’s gonna go on maternity leave instead of listening.) I wonder if she intends for her child to become a mini einstein- I hope he can hear through the womb, or our suffering should be all in vain.
Double history was, as Shikamaru-san puts it, a drag. NORLY. Sure, suffragrettes are interesting and all, but history lessons (surprise, surprise) have a tradition of becoming mind-numbingly boring. I wish Ms Latham was back. ): MY A IN HISTORY HAS DISAPPEARED INTO THE VOID OF NOTHINGNESS!
Lunch was ok, I guess. There was this thing called Stroganoff?! Which is some kinda pork in sauce. Let’s hear a big ew, people. I thought it was pig intestines, then redebated it after adding the european people’s squeamishness into the equation. They don’t have a stomach for asian delicacies, do they? ¬_¬
Well, bell just rang, and Hely can’t send lots of weird mail to people.