Wednesdayyy. ;o

Morning: Double geography T^T;;

Miss Burtenshaw is ok now, I guess. At least she doesn’t yell at me as much -_-;; Well, we’re studying new topic: EARTHQUAKES. Neh, Nippon-go has a lot of earthquakes. -_-; Their houses are like so flimsy and etc, with rice paper stuff everywhere. o: Tectonic plates are so boring ): Once I went to tenerife and I was scared that the active volcano would explode on me >_>;; Yeah, I was lame. Abby&Liana laughed at us for sitting at the front ;p Our defence was: She sees right past us ’cause we’re sitting at the front.

Damn, Abby keeps peeking at this -_- So does Helena. Abby never did get to 3000 on Jambusters. ;p Mm, so. I almost put the link on her christmas card.. word being: almost. ^__^

Double Art: n_n;; IT WAS SO BORING! Miss Smith went all English-teacher on us, and we had to summarise the Vienna Sucedesion? Meh -_- Forgot what the title was. Something about Klimt and his merry band of artistic losers. >_< Apparently, he had no fashion sense, and went out dressed like a monk. LOL 😛 We never even finished our portraits and stuff. ): All we did was symbol symbol symbol pattern pattern pattern. So boring… Then we had to copy the dresses from the pictoorz. I attempted the kimono, but I think it looks ugly ): Ah well. Gotta remember to do symbol homework.

Double Latin: My brain turned to mush here. I mean, coquus novus? Male Singular Nominative? -_-;; At least I managed to understand it when we were doing it on the laptops. ^^;; Neh, I even managed to finish the homework in class. 🙂 Score one for Trina <33

Helena keeps ranting on about this emo male model ;p IT’S SO LOL! He has a black mop for a head and doesn’t even look that nice… You can see his ribcage ffs. >_< He’s even thinner than that female model posing beside him. Which is just gross. ):

Pfft, I think I have basketball later. WTF? BASKETBALL? YOU HEARD RIGHT. I’m like… 5″1? 5″0? 4″9???! AND YOU’RE ASKING ME TO PLAY FARILY WITH HELENA, WHO’S 6″1. NOT HAPPENING, PEOPLE