[6thJan] 2009! 1st day back. [school]

Neh, school’s school and stuff. When I woke up it was FREAKIN` cold! The car reading said -2. Nosrsly… And we have to play sport outside in this mind-numbing coldness! At least the school isn’t stingy and turns on the heater… But it s still flippin` cold. It was kinda depressing going back to school. ): At least we have one more day then the other kids. WHY NOT ONE YEAR??!

Morning: I was almost late. -_-” My mom said something about ‘black ice’ and we’d all crash and die or something. ._. Not inclined to believe her, but whatever. Arrived at 8:40 and stuff, but I got in class just in time. :p There’s a new girl- Becky. She’s going to be in the popular clique, I know it. n_n

Then we had double spanish… which wasn’t that great. Becky’s in my class. o.o Anyway, Madam W told me that my presentation [of work, lol] was ‘scruffy’. It’s worse than scruffy, but meh. Then we learnt about drinks and snacks n’ stuff.  THREE HOMEWORKS, WTF? Learn the drinks for a test, do the sheet, and something else I can’t remember. ):

Maths- She made a little speech about the maths divisions, and told us the test results gave her no reason to move anyone down. But she said next term’s gonna be a whole different story, ’cause there’s gonna be 4 classes instead of only 3. I know who’s gonna be in the top class- charlotte, rosie, flo, emma pearce, emily, liana, alex. I’m probably gonna be in the 2nd class or something. +o+ I got 75% for my maths test.. same as last year’s. ._.;;

English- Meh, we got our poems back. I got an 18, then she told Katie and I that it might go into Coda, that crap book which has all the supposed ‘good stuffs’ in it. Meh, mine won’t. I did it when I had to go to sleep, which is where most of my inspiration kicks in. -_-;; Then I just covered it in different fonts.

PE: Ugh, all we did was to check our clothes for names. Boringggg.

French: Meh, places places places. Btw, Flo cut her hair :p It’s like someone put a bowl on it and cut off the rest, but I guess it looks `kay on her. My fringe somehow sticks-out, or so everyone tells me. >_>;;

Lunch: OMFDG, I FEEL SICK. :/ It was curry- people said school council requested it.. DAMN YOU SCHOOL COUNCIL. I DON’T EVEN LIKE CURRY THAT MUCH. AND STUFF. >_<;; Meh, but they gave us large cheescakes with soggy cereal on top. I took one. I regret it, so I put ground pepper on top of it after declaring it unedible.

Hmm, I wonder how I shall continue HAVEN. ):  

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