[school]December 10th

Morning: Double geography

It was OK I guess- she didn’t yell at me and/or give me detention. Instead we had a quiz. -.-” We teamed up with Lucy Reid && Rebekk Pearce, who are TOTALLLL geography geeks. :] So we won. 😀 The only question I could actually do was a tokyo question [olympics] and this spelling question. -.-

We got a house poiont and a chocolate ;p Lol, AWSUM. Not bad for sitting there and half-sleeping. XD

Double Art: Rebekk pissed off EVERYONE again. -__- How she lasts every double lesson, I have no idea. ^_^ She splashed water on Sophie’s art last time, and now she splashed paint on Alex’s art. -__- During class, she annoyed everyone by whining and constantly hogging Ms Smith. x_x At least I managed to finish my background and my wings. :] I was gonna do it at lunchtime, but I cba.

Double Latin- It was boring. IO wish we had Mr Buckingham :[ Mrs Isted may be nice, but she’s just althogether boring. SRSLY :[ sO AFTER WORKING ON Nominative, accusative case genitive etc etc we got to go to Mr B’s class and watch HERCULES!

I want a pegasus now, though I’d settle for a flying pikachu. :]

And Abby has to get to 2500 [I SAID 3000] on JAMBUSTERS. 😛 She might actually get it though… Aww man x_x

I have Volleyball [but we arent doing it] and then french. ;p