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Secret weapon!

Secret weapon!

Abby looks like dory.
Abby looks like dory.

Link of the day: http://snuzzy.com/25-ways-to-improve-your-health/

Time: 7:53pm.


The first 3 periods were spent on… dun dun dun dun…

Our targets & goals for next year. While we were waiting, we were freaking ORDERED to fill out this form about these things that we did for PSHE for this term. There were the self-defence classes, AKA BATTER YOUR CLASSMATES TO DEATH. Not to mention the Sevenoaks aerodynamics thingy?? Ah, heck. Lets call it CRASH YOUR AIRPLANES INTO HEATHROW. And there was this internet safety awareness- which was totally useless. Lol. Anyone that is not intellectually inept [aka with an IQ of 5] KNOWS that. I mean, I’m not gonna go into a chatroom and give out my address, telephone number, email, and the name of my second uncle. -_-;;  Useless. It also asked us to give comments about it after rating it’s usefullness on a scale of 1-5. 1=awesumnuz. 5= teh fail.

So I gave comments like: It was interesting. It was useless. It was boring. It was a pain in the muffin. [notrly. ;p]
For the target thing with Mdm Thompson, I just said to get all A’s on sciences and improve geography. :] And I put that I was dissatisfied with all of my results. [’cause I am, lol.]

Mdm JAMISON BROUGHT HER BABY IN. IT’S SO CUTEEEE! It’s a boy, and he has brown eyes and blonde hair. I wish he had blue, ’cause that’d be awesome. And everyone wants to have a stereotype baby, don’t they? *sarcasm* I hope she comes back next year.

We missed Double spanish and Maths- huzzzahhh! :] We had to go to English, Netball and french though.

In english, we just went to the library and borrowed books for ‘holiday reading’. Some people just ain’t gonna read it… HAVE YOU SEEN SOME OF THE TITLES?? The bronte sisters. Icemark. Etc etc. Baaaddd. And boring. I decided to borrow Lord of the rings, since all 3 were one book. NOW I’M GONNA BECOME A LOTR GEEK. NOOOOO~ *Perfect world comes crashing around shoulders* Heheh. I also acquired H.I.V.E [Higher institute villainous education] IT IS SO AWESOME. I bought the third book, Escape Velocity, BUT THIS IS AWSUMNUZ! 😀

In netball, it sucked. WE HAD TO CLEAR OUT LOST PROPERTY. We aren’t slaves or grunts. -.-;; It was just kinda unsavoury picking through other people’s belongings. [That smelt like and were old socks. o_o] I saw Emma Mile’s mock GCSE Chemistry paper. She got a C… She’s Flo’s sister! She’s SUPPOSED to be smart. x_x

In French, we wrote a letter to Santa Claus… or Papa Noel.
Mine went something like this:

Dear Father Christmas.

My name is Trina Yau.

Please give me a lot of presents or I will be angry. Last year, you gave me England. But this year, I want Japan and China. If you don’t give me my presents, I will not give you cookies and I will steal Rudolph.

I want my presents. If you don’t give them to me, I will not be very happy, and I will weep waterfalls. I know that you  are not real.

But I love you.

Can I have my presents now?


Now ain’t that great? :]

Then we had Christmas lunch at 1:50. ONE FIVE ZERO. LIKE WTF?? At our latest we have it at 1:25… GAHH :[ It sucked. I hate turkey. And the sausages had BACON wrapped around it. Like ewww.  And the brocolli was dry and tasted like cardboard. complain complain complain. And more complaints? Insert whine for good measure. Whine whine whine. Moan moan moan. Lalalala. Abby, Liana, Alex and I pulled our crackers simultaneously. Luckily, we all found our little prize thingers. :] I got a little pink comb. *coos at it while thinking about coming barbie’s hair* [sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm. I hate dolls.] Alex got this cool spinny thing :] Then we all put our hats on- but mine was kind of oversized, so I just let it hang at my neck. Altogether, it was an EPIC FAILURE. At leats there was chocolate cake. Aka yule log. o_o I don’t like eating pieces of wood. We left SERIOUSLY late- didn’t even have time to do anything but go to the hall.

The pantomine was HILARIOUS. SRSLY. OMG. *GIGGLEATTACK* LOOL. It was based on modernized Snow white & the seven dwarfs. LOL. ;O Mrs. East was the mirror on the wall :p All of us could see her holding the script. The girl in the blue dress playing the EVILLLL stepmom was quite pretty though. And dramatic. It was all done by the 6th form. ;p [Those preparing for/doing A levels] There were 2 people in a cow costume in the background moving around randomly. o.o Snow white meets her prince from Tonbridge school [the fairy called him over] and the prince and his acquaintances follow him spraying deoderant. o_o It smelt like.. ugh. It sent all of us into a coughing fit ;p 

Anyway, snow white skipped off into the jungle.. or forest with the servant, and then Peter Pan and Tinkerbell comes rushing in asking for directions for Neverland. Lool. Then the dumb servant says he knew, but he needed a heart. So Peter Pan ripped out Tinkerbell’s heart and gave it to him :] Then they both went around singing ‘I believe I can fly’ out of tune. XD

Then Mary, Joseph & Jeeeezuz asks for a place in an inn. ‘Are you SUUURE you have no rooms?’ ‘Are you SUUUREEEE???’ LOl :p Then they go to where the cow is and sit down. Snow white comes prancing in and asks for a place. Then she sees MJJ near the cow, and she says ‘Are you Mary?’ ‘Are you Joseph?’ ‘Are you – hey, wait a minute. You can’t be Jesus can you?’ LOLLL ;P

Anyway, she goes to the cottage of the seven dwarfs, who are all asleep. She pulls back the ‘blankets’ of each of them in turn, and suddenly…








LOL. 😛

So coooool.

And then the EVUL STEPMOM decided that OH MY GOODNESS ME to poison Snow white with a …

dun dun dun dun…

An apple.

Aren’t you just lovin’ all the originality here? It gets better. :p

Snow white eats it… but *GASPUH* she doesn’t die, dammit! So the stepmom summons her ULTIMATE EVUL MINION- The poisoned apple juice box! DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN! And um. Snow white dies.


The seven dwarfs were so distraught, they cried the atlantic ocean. And ’cause they didn’t want maggots to get at her,they thoughtfully left her ‘corpse’ on their kitchen table, ignoring the raging bacteria inside digesting her and probably mixing with their food.


Santa Claus makes an untimely appearance and trips over Snow white, while the dwarves steal his presents. The tripping on makes Snow White wake up, and Santa claus wants her to be his Mrs Claus. So the prince appears [in his spraying deoderant glory, *coughingfit*] and they have a dance down. The prince wins, no duh. -_- And then umm. They live happily ever after??

OH YAH, IN BETWEEN, THEY PLAYED 8 QUESTIONS. XD The prince had to choose which person he’d rather be with, lol. There was a girl in year 5, Sadie Smith or something, then Lauren something, then Snow white and OH MY BEEJEEZUS, MS. BURTENSHAW. LOLOLOLOLOL. O_O I need pictoorz. :] Anyway, they asked which Quality Street [chocolate] they’d be. The prince said he’d be the big purple one, ’cause everyone wanted him. [He was acting as a stuck-up loser here] Sadie said the pink one ’cause it’s pretty. Lauren said toffee chew ’cause she’s… chewy?? And LOL@ MS BURTENSHAW. She said GREEN TRIANGLE ’cause the compass… At this point, all of our laughter drowned her out. That is SOOOO a typical Ms Burtenshaw answer!! ROFL.

The next one was which beauty product, I think. That was not as funny. BUT THERE WAS THE NATURAL DISASTER ONE, LOL. Ms Burtenshaw said she’d be a volcano ’cause no one sees her coming but she makes a BIG entrance. SO TOTALLY TRUEEE! *nods head vigorously*

When we returned back to the form room, Mdm Thompson started checking the planners. O.O omg, my planner is like the untidiest thinger EVAH. I draw RANDOM CARTOONS in it where I love ramen and rice. And then Rebekk wrote ‘Trina’ all over my page last week. Roflll :p But she gave me a house point EVEN THOUGH it’s untidier than… Than.. um. Helena’s bedroom? ^_^ Abby was so funny- she was like WHAT THE HECK?? SHE GAVE YOU  A HOUS POINT?? BUT BUTBUTBUTBUT *objectshuuuun*

Then she did her funny dory face with all her four dimples XD Refer to the first picture for details. XD

Hehe, now I gotta improve my geog homework. :]

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