[school] 28th Monday, Library.

Link of the day: http://www.pluginmedia.net/jambuster/ <- I’m really bad at that game- it’s kinda strange. I just accept that I’m not talented at flash games. *bows head in mock shame*


Double Maths- we had another maths test because our first one was bad. [i.e fail.] We were allowed to use our calculators, so I guess it won’t be as bad as the first one. :] I need A level Maths if I need to study medicine >__< Like usual, we spent the entire damn maths lesson doing the test. I checked twice- calculations and working. Then I was freaking bored for the last 10 mins or so. *headdesk*

Double Biology- We got our tests back… I did worse than last time. 64% :[ I got the first page mostly wrong x__x I didn’t understand what the muffin they were talking about. Then we studied a new topic- VIRUSES. Oh crap, I’m gonna be all PARANOID about germs now. I might as well become a hermit and hide myself from all teh EVULL PATHOGENS.  Mrs Fitmaurice said that we were overdue a flue epidemic. In other words, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE!! EEEE! Meh, we all gotta die some day. I just want to become a doctor, then I’ll die happy. 😀

Double History- I have concluded that Ms Murphy is too like flo. And like she says she has a huysband o.o But she’s a Miss o.o She hasnt corrected us or anything. x-x