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Link for now: www.zmescience.com%252Fmeet-the-worlds-only-immortal-animal Immortal. *__* God, it must get boring.

Alt link for now: http://freakymartin.com/2008/03/05/animal-planet-in-photos-126-photos/ AHH THE CUTENESS. I CAN’T TAKE IT NO MORE 😀 *Squishsquish*

So, in drama, we did our little thing that was practice for our fighting moves. Thank god I only had to play-drag Caroline; I’m not good at reacting to punches. Slow reflexes ftw? O_O I have humpty dumpty song ingrained into my mind. The TV was playing it andandandand :[

Humpty dumpty sat on the wall.
Humpty dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s muffins and all the king’s mice,
tried to make humpty into a delicacy of rice.


Morbid? I guess ;p

Here’s an LOL picture: www.shouston.com/images/walrus_bucket.jpg

Anyway, here’s the drama script we used. I’ll add the extra lil’ adjustments we made to it…

Big Fat Gay Wedding                                                                            Rebecca H Prout



Caroline (Cute little French lady) – Margretta Crumbelle

Sprout (Fitty) – Philippe Muscleman

Trina (Old Priest) – Anonymous


Caroline waves arms with us and says … DAYDREAM


  • Happy Wedding Scene everything is perfect


Caroline: hee hee Philippe


Trina: We are gathered here today to witness the joyous occasion of the start of this perfect marriage.


(Phillipe kisses muscles looking hot & flings hair to side of his face) 


Caroline: hee hee Phillipe (fiddles with earring)


Trina: Yes, do you Philippe Muscleman wish to be joined in holy matrimony with Margretta Crumbelle?


Sprout: Yeh (winks at audience)


Caroline: hee hee Phillipe (sighs)


Trina: And do you Margretta Crumbelle wish to be joined in holy matrimony with Phillipe Muscleman?


Caroline: hee hee Phillipe, oh of course


Trina: You may now kiss the bride


(Sprout twirls Caroline round and it looks like they are kissing somehow)


Caroline: hee hee Phillipe


(I run off carrying Caroline looking strong) (Priest walks off bobbing slowly)




Caroline (Fat buch lady, is rude) – Marjorie Crumble

Sprout (Gay weedy groom) – Phillipe Gayman

Trina (Scared Priest with stutter) – Anonymous



  • Real Wedding Day



Caroline: Lets get on with this wedding then, we haven’t got all day


Trina: Oh yes yes yes, terribly sorry


(Sprout smiles at Trina then looks at Caroline with bored expression)


Trina: W W We are gathereddd today here to to to witness th th this marriage


(Sprout waves to some man in the crowd in gay fashion)

Caroline: Hurry up will you


Trina: Terribly sorry, terribly sorry, do y y you Marjorie Crumble take Phillip


Sprout: Phillipe


Trina: P P Phillipe Gayman to be your lawfully wedded hus s s band


Caroline: Why else would I be here dressed up like a dam meringue you fool


Trina: Y Y Yes of cause and d ddo you PHILLIPE gayman take Marjorie Crumble as y your wife?


Sprout: –


Caroline: Phillipe come on, I gotta get outta this dam dress


Sprout: I so sorry Marjorie but I’m gay


Caroline: What you you (growls)


Sprout: I do ballet (Sprout twirls) and I love the priest        (Trina’s eyes bulge wide and gasps in shock)


Caroline: Why I oughta (Punches sprout in slo-mo)

Sprout: Oh no you di-‘nt!


(Sprout looks shocked in gay way, straighten out tie and slaps Caroline)


Trina: P Please, not here, this is the House of the L L Lord!

Caroline: Shut up puny

Trina: You SINNER!

(Drags Caroline by the hair)

After dragging for a moment, eyes turn wide and casts eyes to the heavens.



Sprout: Well, you’re forgiven now~




(Sprout Grabs Trina in arms and runs of stage)

Trina: Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~

(Caroline runs out other way sobbing grossly and loudly)

Rebekk laughed so hysterically and ear-piercingly, I was afraid the windows were gonna break. O_O I like doing humorous things, but I hate drama.

I really hate drama.

Oh yah, have I said I hate drama?



I hate drama.

So the viewing card will come tomorrow. Huzzah and fluffiness. :] Mom has decided that we aren’t going to carol service. Unfortunately, since I hafta reinstall the printing stuffz. *headdesk* Gotta do geography and english now. :] Daddy brought in the laptop really late. -_-

Polar bear attack: Warning: Extreme cuteness attack! : www.clevelandseniors.com/forever/polarbear.htm

Animal groups: www.thealmightyguru.com/Pointless/AnimalGroups.html

Now I’m really tired…

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