03 December- time=14:14!! :D *Makes wish* Wednesday

A slightly morbid link of the day: http://listverse.com/history/20-famous-last-words/

So today’s Wednesday. Hurrah. -.-

Double geography- LIEK O__O Miss Bertenshaw came and started yelling at us straight away. She was like ‘STOP TALKING’ ‘SIT DOWN’ ‘SHUT UP’ etc etc. Then she barked out at people ‘HAND OUT THE LEAFLETS’. Chillax, woman. >_< Then the other class came in and Mrs Robertson and Miss Burtenshaw started the video thing. It said ‘WHY YOU SHOULD DO GCSE GEOGRAPHY’. O.O The scrolling words across the video made my head hurt. -.-

Then she showed this quiz-video. It asked a question and there was A B C & D. It was SOOO obvious that A was hardworking&good, while D was lousy. 😛 I put 1 D- Oh no, another map :p [There was this picture of a map of Birmingham, and then we were asked how we felt about it. Alex and I put the same thing- HI 5 :D] A = 4 Marks, B=3, C=2, D=1




Born geographer????

NOOOOO! A geographer who hates the subject of geography. Alex was a ‘born geographer’ too… -_- We both DETEST geography- seriously. That thing put me off geography forever. Then there was this TV-Video thing, where people started ranting at each other about pollution and etc. etc. I have drawn the conclusion that Geographers totally need a chill pill. After, we went to the ICT room to do the Carajas project.Alex and I just drew on the teacher-made presentation of Carajas… [I MADE IT ALL PRETTY]

And then doublt art- It was okay but a little boring ’cause all we did was to design the dresses for out misshapen and strangely floating heads. I swear that Miss Smith got a kick out of ‘beheading’ us… JK 😛 I decided to be necromancer with fiery wings [I LOVE WIZARD101 :3] ’cause I drew myself looking evil. Rebek decided to open up her water service again… giving water to us even though we didn’t need it at all. :p At least no more incidents, right?

Double latin- I was almost asleep -.- So boring- All we did was the genitive case AGAIN. Oh well, at least we did a wordsearch and crossword. The crossword was more hard, and Rebekk decided to join [and irritate] us in our quest for teh ansurz. :]

Lunch break- Well, Helena needed to get her geography book so we tried to find Ms. Burtenshaw in the staffroom. Not there. SO we went up and got her bag. When we came down, SURPRISE SURPRISE, Ms. Burtenshaw was standing down the stairs talking to Mrs. Howlett. Coincidence, huh? I bet she’s stalking us… JKJK! [The idea is way too wrong] OOps, bell just rang! Time for volleyball and french -_-;;