Postin’ from school, foo’. December 2, Tuesdayyyy.

Link for the school day: CATS ARE SOO CUTEEE. ❤

Anyway, tuesday mornings are bad. Tuesdays will forever be a rock in my heart. Ya know why? ‘CAUSE WE HAVE DOUBLE SPANISH IN THE MORNING. :[ And so we had to write an essay on ‘Mi Rutina’ [my routine] and… bad moove. SRSLY :[ But I persevered and all.  So I’mma be a O-K.

Maths- ow. Ouch. Orrr. Arrr. AWWW. :[ I got 45/87 for my maths, which is 51%. I#M GOING TO BE MOVED DOWN FO’ SHURE, MAN. T_T;; *Cries like there’s no tomorrow* We spent all lesson discussing it… which just made me feel much better. -_-

English- we had to do the speech thing. Yesterday I couldn’t be bothered to do ‘QUIT EATIN’ ANIMULZ’ so I did ‘SAVE THE HUMANS’ instead. Cool, huh? -.- Sprout’s was one of the best, although her subject wasn’t that good- homes. She had a quote from Pumba, which said that ‘Home is a place where you put your rump’ or something. XDXDXD!! All of them were good, including Ciara’s. I had honestly thought that she would ramble and mutter. Well, good for her then. ^_^

PE: Fo’ Shizzle, netball. BAD, BAD BAD. BAD-O-METER: 100000000/10. Why? I’LL TELL YA WHY :[

One. It is vary, vaaaary, very cold outside. Like seriously cold. Imagine being dumped into a freezer. So I used Lauren as a windshield :p

Deux. Suprise, surprise- I don’t like it. So there. :3

Trois. See one.

Alex went to go with Bessie, so I had to go with MADELEINE JEBSON. >_<!! So we did warm ups and stuff. Then we had to get into teams… I just jumped behind everyone as they went to get the little bib thingers, so I didn’t get one… like the other three lessons we’ve had. XD Lauren and I went to sit inside the ball box, which was okay. It wasn’t dirty or wood or had bugs or anything. It was plastic, dry, and a potential cold-shielder. So we set down on the balls and tried to get warm. Keyword: tried, thought it was TOTALLY warmer than being exposed to the numbing cold that lurked outside, it’s icy fingers threatening to tap us like in fairytales. Then we’d freeze to death while our parents sued the school. Hardy harr harr. -.- I played better today- I mean I actually played XD! So yah. Toni just BARRELS into you, ya know. And um, someone hit my head as they bulldozed their way through to get the ICKEH PINK BAALZZ;;

French- we got our french results back. I swear we get too many module tests… ;_; My writing was the WORST. I got 15/20 T_T 7/8 for communication, and 4/6 for Acurancy and range, whatever that is. So umm, alls good. But I got 90% for overall, SO IN YUH FACE FLO! [She got 85% :3] *happy dance* Sadly, Lauren got 77%… I DON’T WANT HER TO MOVE DOWN *Throws tantrum*

I have DOUBLE CHEMISTRY LATER… Aww man. I really do not like Mrs Wood. Her voice [no offense] is kind of whiny and annoying, and she always says please, as if it makes the world a happier and brighter place. LIES. ALL LIES :[ Also, she’s a bad teacher. No one can beat the UBER WILKINSON!! Especially when the EVIL WOOD gives B to like everyone *cough me cough* That alone = unconditional hate. Hmm, I’m gonna make an enemies page

So that’s about it