2nd december, 2008, at home.

Dear diary,

today was a very bad, BAD, BAAD day. Very, very bad. Like any cliched story, it was fine an hour ago. Until Alex almost fell off the damn chair.  She grabbed onto me, and I was like ‘wtf?’ so I turned and tried to poke her… And then Mrs. Wood turned round and told us to pay attention. Then she saw me almost poking Alex. And then she was basically like ‘SCREW YOU, GET THE HELL OUT TO THE BACK OF THE ROOM AND PLANT YOUR BUTT THERE’. O.O;; In my mind, I was like ‘wrong place wrong time, much?’ x.x Alex looked at me with an ‘Oh shit’ look, so I moved. AND THEN SHE BUGGED AND BUGGED ME.

So like yeaaah. She made me cwy. :[

And then after a while, I was like screw it, and I exploded at her and called her racist and told her that I hated her. And she was all like I IS SO OFFENDED AND I’MMA TALK TO JOO AFTUR CLAZZ.



She will payyy >:3

So that’s all I guess- mom needs to use the comp for MS. -_-