December 01. :[

Bad, bad day…

I had a maths test this MORNING. I’m all groggy/half-drunk/… Um, just half-asleep when I get to school in the mornings. The drowsiness lasts from the moment I get to school till… hm. The second I get back home? :p SO I FORGOT EVERYTHING I HAD REVISEDDDD ;__; Damn, I even forgot cumulative frequency. X_X

The biology test after went better :] Much better. Althought WHAT THE BEEP WAS THE POINT IN GIVING US THREE A-LEVEL QUESTIONS???! -Headdesk-

History was boring. Miss Murphy is just like Flo. Brown hair, dark eyes, glasses, boring face, stumbling words. -.- But we watched this funny film called ‘Blackadder’ featuring Rowan Atkinson… AKA MR BEAN! 😀

During lunch break, Alex read this speech thing to me- WHICH OH SHIT, REMINDS ME OF MINE. SHEEEET!! I FORGOT ABOUT IT. Her’s is about animal testing, which she says she feels very strongly against. Her’s is like two pages long. I love kitties- I might get one when I’m older. It’ll be sooty-black with GREEN eyes. 😀 Maddy’s is less than half a page, which she did in 15 minutes -.- Wtf, this is totally counting in our damn grade, so she is screwed.

I’m gonna do mine on cruelty towads animals… and dumping them on the streets. 😛 You know, everytime I walk to the back door [that leads into the school]. I see this teacher’s car on which there is a bright yellow sticker which proclaims : A DOG IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS. 😀

Drama was a disaster. Three words:

I hate drama.

Acting is definitely not my forte- I lack the passion, the lack of self-consciousness and the instinct for it. I’ve known since my first drama class, I am not an actor. AND I NEVER DAMN WELL WILL BE SO WHY THE BEEP DO I HAFTA DO IT??!

But my arguement is insufficient, ’cause people can say we don’t need math’s ’cause we ain’t gonna be a mathmatician. Or a geographer. Or a french dude. Or some guy who writes poetry. Or an artist. Or a rocket scientist.

Alex had decided to ditch me for Ellie Brunton and Ayesha last week ’cause my arm hurt, so I joined Sprout and Caroline’s group. Toni was away that day so :/ Just one more drama listen till I’m away from da MADNESS!

… Until next year’s drama lessons. *Slumps on the ground and starts bawling eyes out*

So yah. My hatred of drama knoweth no bounds, and ist within the realmth of imagination-eth.

And the link of the day:

Optimism is hard, but somehow attainable.

Now off to do my speech!